Thingamajig on ‘The Masked Singer’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



The Masked Singer is back for season two, and fans are itching to find out which celebs are belting it out behind each mask. The list of predictions for this season includes A-listers like Jimmy Fallon, Adam Levine, and the Kardashians, but only time will tell who’s really got the chops to make it to the finals.

What do we know so far about Thingamajig? Read on:

1. Some Fans Think It’s Wayne Brady

Many fans are confident that the thingamajig is none other than Wayne Brady.

As Country Living notes, there is plenty of evidence that supports Brady being the green creature. First of all, his Twitter bio reads, “Guy who makes stuff up, pretends to be other people and sings.” That’s quite fitting for the thingamajig.

On top of that, the creature’s voice sounds exactly like Brady. Check out this video of the comedian singing and tell us it doesn’t sound like a perfect match.

One thing to note is that earlier this year, Brady told The Real hosts that he wouldn’t do The Masked Singer. Could he have been pulling our leg?

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2. Others Think It Could Be Victor Oladipo

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Those who don’t think the Thingamajig is Brady are convinced it’s none other than NBA star Victoria Oladipo.

In the clues video for the thingamajig, he says, “I’m here because I love to sing, though you may think that’s not my thing.” On top of that, Oladipo’s jersey number is #4, and in the video, he’s seen holding a cupcake with the number four on it.

And it’s not as if we’re completely oblivious to Oladipo’s singing chops. In 2017, he sang the song “Song For You”, and it matched up pretty well to the sound of thingamajig. There’s also the fact that the thingamajig has made many references to magic, and in 2013, Oladipo was drafted by the Orlando Magic.

3. He Has Made Many References to ‘Star Wars’

Victor Oladipo – Song for You (Official Video)Songs for You iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Official Music Video by Victor Oladipo – Song for You. © 2017 Feathery Music Group Inc.2017-09-21T16:28:16.000Z

The Thingamajig, at one point, tells fans, “don’t call me Chewbacca, though we do celebrate together.”

One supporting clue for those who think the masked creature is Oladipo is that his birthday is May 4, which is also National Star Wars day. And it’s also worth noting that thingmajig has a rip on his pants– last season, Victor tore his quad in that same area.

4. Nicole Wants to Marry Thingamajig

National Boyfriend Day: Nicole & Thingamajig | Season 2 | THE MASKED SINGERFor national boyfriend day, we highlight the romance between Nicole and Thingamajig. Subscribe now for more The Masked Singer clips: Watch more videos from The Masked Singer: Catch full episodes now: Like The Masked Singer on Facebook: Follow The Masked Singer on Twitter: Follow The Masked Singer on Instagram:…2019-10-03T23:08:22.000Z

One thing we know for certain? Nicole is a big fan of thingamajig. “They’re massive”, she exclaimed on episode one, referring (likely) to his hands. She went on to say, “He’s tall,” while peaking through her binoculars.

She goes on to tell him, “I’d marry you” before throwing him an air hearts. Thankfully, he returned the gesture.

5. The Creature Stands at 7 Feet Tall

Thingamajig Performs "Easy" By Commodores | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGERThingamajig Performs "Easy" by Commodores for the judges. Subscribe now for more The Masked Singer clips: Watch more videos from The Masked Singer: Catch full episodes now: Like The Masked Singer on Facebook: Follow The Masked Singer on Twitter: Follow The Masked Singer on Instagram: Like FOX on Facebook:…2019-09-26T03:21:53.000Z

Thingamajig is the tallest creature competing on this season of the show– in costume, he stands at 7-feet-tall.

Thingamajig received many positive compliments from fans and the judges after his performance of “Easy” by Commodores earlier this season. In the comments section of the performance on Youtube, one fan wrote, “His voice here is pure crystal – clear, clean and smooth.” Another commented, “the thingamajig should be first or second but mostly first and he should get an award.”

Be sure to tune in to The Masked Singer to learn more about thingmajig, and the other competitors on this season of The Masked Singer.

This post will be updated with more information about thingamajig as the season progresses.

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