How Many Episodes Are on Season 4 of ‘This Is Us’?

When Does 'This Is Us' Return?

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This Is Us is back for a brand new season, but how many episodes will make up Season 4?

There will be 14 episodes this season, similarly to the past three seasons of the series.

The First Three Episodes Revealed

This Is Us Season 4 Trailer (HD)Sometimes life will surprise you. Starring Mandy Moore (“A Walk to Remember”), Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes,” “Gilmore Girls”) and Sterling K. Brown (“The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story),” this refreshingly honest and provocative series follows a unique ensemble whose paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways. We find several of them…2019-08-31T13:04:11.000Z

The titles of the first three episodes (in order) are: “Strangers”, “The Pool: Part 2”, and “Unhinged”.

Last week, fans saw Randall and the kids move to Philadelphia as Miguel and Rebecca made their way to Los Angeles. Viewers were also introduced to a bombshell twist at the end of the premiere: Jack Damon (introduced in last week’s episode) is Kate and Toby’s blind son.

In an interview with The Wrap, series creator Dan Fogelman said of Jack’s character, “We’ve always known for a while now that Kate’s son was going to be born prematurely. And blindness, retinopathy, is a very common thing that would come from that… But we’ve always known that this was where we were heading. It wasn’t kind of a debate about what type of thing may or may not happen as opposed to it was always part of the character and the story we were planning on telling.”

New Characters Introduced

This season has introduced three new and critical characters to the series. Cassidy, played by Jennifer Morrison, Malik, played by Asante Blackk, and Jack, played by newcomer actor Blake Stadnik.

As mentioned in a previous Heavy article, the actor playing Jack Damon is legally blind in real life. He was diagnosed with a form of juvenile macular degeneration when he was just six. An LA Times article on Stadnik reveals, “Stadnik has Stargardt disease, meaning the light-sensitive cells in his retina have deteriorated, particularly in the area of the macula, where fine focusing occurs. His vision, he said, is blurry and he has blind spots and trouble seeing colors.”

This Is Us marks Stadnik’s first onscreen credit. Namely a musical theater actor, Stadnik was working on a local theater production in Colorado when he was cast in This Is Us. Fogelman tells ET, “He was actually in a local production in Colorado that we had to get him out of in order to shoot the order, but he had never acted on camera before… We wanted to find an actor who could be a leading man and [was] very handsome and very funny and looked great with his bare abs on national television, but also be able to stand in the Greek [Theatre] in front of a live audience and actually perform and sing a song. There were a lot of boxes to check.”

And actor Jennifer Morrison’s performance in the premiere was so outstanding that it earned her the Performer of the Week accolade from TVLine. In their article about the actress, the outlet writes, “The Season 4 premiere of NBC’s three-hankie family drama was admittedly a bit jarring, introducing us to a slew of new characters all at once — but we don’t mind as long they’re all as compelling as Morrison’s military vet Cassidy. The Once Upon a Time alum was simply stunning in her This Is Us debut, crafting a complex, wrenching study of a woman dangerously close to the end of her rope.”

Be sure to tune in to a new episode of This Is Us Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT on NBC.

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