‘This Is Us’ Spoilers & Theories: Is Kevin’s Son’s Mom Madison?

Justin Hartley This Is Us

NBC/Ron Batzdorff Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson, Melanie Liburd as Zoe.

On the Season 3 finale of This Is Us, fans learned that Kevin has a child. But who that child’s mother is remains a mystery. Now, fans have started speculating who the mother could be.

Here are the top theories:

Madison vs. Cassie

This Is Us has not yet teased any clues about the mystery woman’s identity, but fans can’t help but notice that Jennifer Morrison’s character, Cassie, has been introduced without a clear connection to the rest of the Pearson family.

Could Cassie be Kevin’s son’s mother? In the words of Screen Rant, “This Is Us’ new mystery character Cassidy Sharp may very well be the mother of Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) son in the future.”

In previews for tonight’s episode, Cassie’s son sits with Kevin, and Kevin tells Cassie, “You are not at all what I pictured when your son said his mom was a vet.” Cassie responds, “You’re not at all what I pictured when my son said he had a friend.” Is it possible that this simple introduction could flourish into something better? Cassie is hoping to make things right with her husband and children, but it’s This Is Us after all, so there’s no saying what twists and turns her character will take.

Another theory floating out there is that Kevin’s son’s mom is Madison. Played by actress Caitlin Thompson, Kate’s best friend has made regular appearances on the show for the past three years. It’s possible that the series keeps bringing her back because she has a closer connection than just friendship to the Pearson three.

In a recent Reddit post, one user wrote, “I love the idea of Madison and Kevin. I almost feel like their rocky interaction at the hospital was to set up him later apologizing to her and realizing she’s not what he initially thought.” Another added, “I’m putting my money on Madison or they’ll introduce a new character. I would doubt it if they brought back Sophie yet again. That would be really excessive.”

Who Is Madison, Again?

While fans may vaguely remember Madison for her appearance in last week’s show, it’s possible they don’t realize just how much of the series she has been involved in. Madison, for one, was the only non-Pearson who visited her in the hospital. And, yes, she’s been around since Season 1.

Kate and Madison met at a support group. While Kate was struggling with her weight, we learned that Madison suffers from an eating disorder. Although things were testy between the two at first, they eventually became friends.

Interesting fact? Madison is played by This Is Us writer and creator Dan Fogelman’s wife. As Distractify writes, “Considering she’s married to the literal show creator, we can’t imagine Madison going anywhere over the next three seasons.”

So, our bets are on Madison when it comes to the identity of Kevin’s son’s mother. How will everything play out? Be sure to look for clues in tonight’s episode of This Is Us, airing on NBC at 8pm ET/PT.

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