’90 Day Fiance’ Tim Malcolm Talks Sex With Girlfriend Jeniffer Taranoza

Tim and Jeniffer Still Together on 90 Day Fiance


Tim Malcolm and his girlfriend Jeniffer Taranoza are one of the couples on the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. When Malcolm went to visit Taranoza in her home country of Colombia for a couple of weeks, she voiced on the show that she was expecting more passion and intimacy, but Malcolm was holding off on even kissing her. Malcolm finally kissed Taranoza, but Taranoza still couldn’t understand why Malcolm wouldn’t have sex with her. She even told him that she wondered if he was gay.

So, why did Malcolm put off having sex with her? Read on for his explanation, along with reports about whether the couple is still together or not.

Tim Malcolm Said Sex Isn’t a Priority for Him

'90 Day Fiance's Tim Malcolm Opens Up About His Decision to Abstain From Sex (Exclusive)ET caught up with the reality star at a '90 Day Fiance' mixer in Los Angeles on Tuesday.2019-10-17T00:00:02.000Z

In an interview with Parade, 38-year-old Malcolm explained, “I’m almost 40 and said this numerous times. It’s an invigorating day for a man when you wake up and you’re no longer controlled by your penis and that’s not the priority anymore … Jeniffer is a beautiful lady and I knew that there wasn’t going to be a problem with that. I was more worried about the other things that I was looking for in a successful marriage because the statistics are not good these days with the divorce rate. And I’ve waited this long to get married, I want it to be right.”

He continued, “For me, the sex wasn’t that big of a deal. It wasn’t why I flew 2,000 miles. I mean, yeah, obviously anybody wants to have sex with a beautiful woman, but it had to be right … So the few chances we had, obviously I blew it a couple times, and then there were some other things that were going on. But shit happens.”

As for Taranoza’s view on the situation, she said that sometimes her daughter was with her, sometimes they were tired, and other times she was upset so that all put a damper on having sex. Soap Dirt also reported that during a Q&A, Taranoza claimed that Malcolm wanted her to do certain things in bed that she wasn’t comfortable with.

“90 Day Fiance” Viewers Have Hated on Malcolm for His Sexual Choices

Malcolm went on to tell Parade about how he’s received hate from viewers online and speculation about his sexuality. He said that because he chose to wait to have sex with Taranoza, “A lot of people are making assumptions because of it. They’re speculating every freaking thing that could be wrong with me, my sexuality, whether or not I have erectile dysfunction or, if I’m embarrassed of my penis size. I mean every illogical though you can think of is out there. But I think at the end of the day, a lot of women are just baffled by the idea that a man could sleep next to a beautiful woman and sex not be priority.”

One example of the comments Malcolm has received was on Malcolm’s Instagram account, when a user named alishia76buhr commented, “I’ve thought since day 1 you were transgendered, or gay. I haven’t seen anything that states otherwise.”

Are Tim and Jeniffer Still Together on ’90 Day Fiance’?

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On 90 Day Fiance, Malcolm gave Taranoza a promise ring that belonged to his ex-fiancee, but when she found out the ring’s origin, Taranoza was less than pleased. So, it makes one wonder if the relationship was able to progress or not. Soap Dirt reported that Taranoza told a fan in a Q&A session, after being asked if she was single, “I’m not married or engaged. So yes, you can say I’m single.”

But, this doesn’t mean she and Malcolm aren’t still dating … They could very well still be in contact.

As for comments Malcolm has made about the state of their relationship, he wrote to 90 Day Fiance followers in an Instagram caption on October 20, 2019, “Jeniffer is an amazing person, an amazing mother and truly a one of a kind soul. We have had such a good time entertaining you all for the last 12 weeks!!! Sometimes in life you have to take a few steps back to take one step forward.. but that step forward will always lead you in the right direction!”

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