Tyler Perry’s The Oval Cast & Premiere Spoilers

Cast members from The Oval pose for photos before premiere.

BET Tyler Perry returns to drama with the BET series The Oval.

Tyler Perry’s new series The Oval premieres tonight and it promises the bring a new soap opera spin on politics as usual. The series, set in the world of a newly elected president and his family, goes further as it explores the lives of those who work in The White House. It is one of the first series to arrive from Perry‘s much-publicized deal with Viacom to create series and holiday-related content.  Speaking about his work on the series, the creator was optimistic about what the project would become. “I’ve set out to create a show that tells the story of a family placed in the White House by people of power while also highlighting the personal side and everyday lives of the staff who run the inner workings of the nation’s most iconic residence,” Perry told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Cast

Ed Quinn

The actor is already known to audiences for his work on the SyFy series Eureka. For The Oval, Quinn takes on the role of President Hunter Franklin.

Kron Moore

Kron Moore is no stranger to working with Tyler Perry. In this series, she takes on the role of First Lady Victoria Franklin.

Page Hurd

The actress plays Gayle Franklin, President Franklin’s daughter. The character is dealing with her family’s new status as well as her own place in the spotlight.

Daniel Croix Henderson

Croix Henderson takes on the role of the Franklins’ son, Jason. Expect fireworks from the character as his problems affect the whole family.

Premiere Spoilers

The premiere starts out with the President and his family as they get ready for the inaugural ball  While it might seem like the perfect night to cap off their start in The White House, everything is about to go wrong. The reveal of a life-changing event not only poses a threat to the family itself but reaches the entire staff.

While the event that unsettles the entire night isn’t revealed, the second episode may hold the key to staff members involved. The First Butler seems to be at the center of the mysterious event that shakes up the first two episodes. With his family brought into the drama, expect another set of cast members to become a part of the series sooner rather than later.


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