Vinny Guadagnino’s Chippendales Stripping Video

Vinny Guadagnino's Chippendales Stripping Video

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Vinny Guadagnino treated Chippendales guests to a steamy shower stripping scene and a bride-to-be got up close and personal. Viewers get a look at the drama behind the scenes on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” Thursday, October 3, 2019.

You can watch the full, uncensored video later in this post.

The Keto Guido was a celebrity guest at the strip club, making appearances every Friday from July 26 to September 1 for “Vinny Vegas Vacation.”

“Chippendales celebrity guest Vinny G is a natural,” the Chippendales website raves.

Behind the scenes of the shower scene, some serious drama was unfolding after Angelina Pivarnick lost a bet and squirted oil on him before he took the stage.

Here’s what you need to know:

Vinny Guadagnino Bares All on the Chippendales Stage

Vinny G hit the Chippendales stage August 2 in a steamy shower, turning teasingly toward the crowd. He soaped up and hosed off, then joined a bride-to-be on the stage when he was wearing only a towel. She got a surprise peak behind the towel before he handed her another towel, and she dried him off. She then put his boxers on for him, getting another quick glimpse behind the towel.

The bride-to-be gave Vinny G a quick slap before dressing him in silk pajamas, and he pulled her in close for a dance to “Untitled (How Does it Feel)” by D’Angelo. Then, he bent her over, but only for a few quick beats. He sat her down and she helped him into a silk top. The two got a bit handsy before the lights went off, and they went off stage.

He wrote on Instagram his time with Chippendales was “one of the most fun things” he’s ever done. A Chippendales show is a “highly produced Vegas show with talented dudes, comedy , and a fun space for people to party and have a fun night ….those big meatheads on the show are some of the chillest people I’ve ever worked with as well as the people behind the scenes,” he continued.

“I was able to do everything I love like hosting, dancing , performing etc. Plus it was actually MY choice to show my a** in the shower because I’ve always been known to go hard or go home,” he wrote.

Angelina Pivarnick Squirted Oil on Vinny Before he Hit the Stage, Stirring Up Drama

Angelina Pivarnick, who previously hooked up with Vinny, was engaged when she lost a game of high-stakes Jenga and paid off the debt by preparing Vinny for the stage. She squirted oil all over him, and didn’t seem to mind.

“Can you hold my engagement ring while I do this?,” she said on ” “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.”

Angelina said on the show her fiance asked her to steer clear of Vinny.

“My fiance told me not to touch Vinny, but I’m a woman of my word,” she said.

Deena Cortese told her to “calm herself,” and stated her disapproval clearly in a confessional.

“Angelina oils Vinny up, and, I’m sorry, she was going a little too overboard when she has a freakin’ fiancé,” she said.

Even Pauly D called her out when she squirted oil down Vinny’s boxers.

“Angelina, Vinny’s Johnson doesn’t get shown during the show. Like you dont need to go down there,” Pauly said.

Vinny took the stage at Chippendales on Fridays from July 26 to September 1.

“It’s official….” Vinny wrote on Instagram. “The @ketoguido stripper is coming BACK to @chippendales for my second residency in Vegas ! Fri-Sun.July 26- Sept 1.”

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