‘The Walking Dead’ Ending: Did Carol Cross Into the Whisperers’ Territory?


At the end of The Walking Dead Season 10’s premiere on AMC, Carol has an encounter that left a lot of viewers wondering about the implications of what they saw. Did anyone in the group crossover into The Whisperers’ territory? Here’s what we know. This article will have major spoilers for the Season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead.

Carol Is Overlooking the Area Where Alpha Took Daryl

Although the show didn’t come right out and say whether or not they crossed over into the Whisperers’ territory, the implication that they did was very strong.

In that final scene, Carol is overlooking the same place where Alpha took Daryl when she showed him the herd of zombies. That’s one reason why the implication was strong that they were in the Whisperers’ territory.

Here’s the scene again. If it’s blurred below, just click on the link to see the controls for playing the video.

And here’s the scene where Alpha took Daryl to see the horde:

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The implications seem pretty clear that we’re looking at the same spot. Here are some photo comparisons.


And now where Daryl was:



The implications seem pretty clear that if it’s not the exact same spot, Carol is very close to where Daryl was.

And Alpha’s not too happy about it.

Plus, Michonne was warning the group as they were moving the satellite that they had already crossed into the Whisperers’ territory. She needed them to move out as fast as they could before they were caught. Some people had hoped that the Whisperers had already moved on, since they hadn’t been seen in awhile. But seeing Alpha shows us that they are still around and very well might have known that they had crossed into their territory to fight the fire from the satellite’s crash landing.

It looks like the mask that Judith found was not an old mask that simply washed ashore after a long time. And the signs they found in the woods weren’t old signs either.  The Whisperers are in the area and, perhaps, they never left.

But now they definitely know that the group crossed into their territory and broke their agreement. As for what they’re going to do about it, well that’s another guess entirely.

On Reddit, u/BlondieTVJunkie summed up that scene pretty well: “Which is why Alpha clearly gets pissed. She looked like she was walking in on a summer stroll getting ready to move back to her beach house. And looks up to see Carol. Holy sh**.” 

Some fans are wondering why Carol didn’t try to shoot Alpha. Alpha’s actually farther away from Carol than she appears in some of those scenes. And with just an arrow, the chance of missing is pretty big. If Carol missed, it would unleash a huge problem. Plus, the rest of the group would still have control of the horde, so they could still enact revenge.

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