HBO’s ‘Watchmen’: Spoilers & Reviews from People Who Saw It Early

HBO Watchmen

The premiere of HBO’s new series Watchmen airs Sunday night, October 20. But some fans who have been waiting for this series for a long time are ready to get whatever spoilers they can now. Here are some spoilers and reviews from people who got to see the premiere early. Note that Heavy has not seen the premiere early, but has scoured the Internet for reviews and spoilers shared by people who did.

The Reviews & Reactions Are Mostly Positive


So far, the reviews and reactions from people who saw the show early has been mostly positive. On Reddit, u/T0astofWar said they saw the screening at NYCC and “it felt very similar to the first episode of season 2 of Leftovers.”

First, you may already know that the show picks up about 30 years from where the comic left off. The comic weaves stories of the original Watchmen heroes from the 1930s with stories about the second generation group from the mid-1980s. Now we’re in approximately present-day, with a new generation and a new story.

According to u/T0astofWar on Reddit, the show begins with a cold open in the past, and then drops you right into present-day. “As the viewer you don’t know the rules for this world and little pieces are revealed over the episode.”

There Are Many Shades of Gray in the Series


Redditor T0astofWar assured readers, the show does delve into shades of gray and doesn’t have a black-and-white morality as some had feared.

They wrote: “While the villanous group the seventh kalvary are white supremisicts the cops aren’t virtous good guys either. Honestly the cops are acting more like Rorsach than the group who are perverting his likeness as a symbol.” [sic]

Characters in the Premiere

On Reddit, u/T0astofWar said they saw the screening at NYCC and some of the characters you see in the premiere include Panda (Jacob Ming-Trent), Red Scare (Andrew Howard) and Pirate Jenny. They all have speaking lines, with Red Scare having the most. But “they are not major parts of the episode,” T0astofWar added.

As for Pirate Jenny, it’s not known if she will be played by Adelaide Clemens or Jessica Camacho. Some people on Reddit who say they saw screeners of early episodes (though it can’t be confirmed), have said that Clemens does not appear in the series’ earlier episodes. Of course, some characters are masked so speculation still remains.

For example, u/MauryNOR on Reddit said that Clemens is not in the show and her role as Pirate Jenny was taken over by Jessica Camacho, who played Gypsy on The Flash. Parade noted that she has a recurring role on Watchmen. Here’s a video of Camacho at the Watchmen premiere at ArcLight Theatre.

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Most viewers believe this is Pirate Jenny from the trailer, and she looks like Camacho:


Redditor u/T0astofWar wrote about Pirate Jenny: “Pirate Jenny is in the pilot, but I don’t know if it was Adelaide… She had the costume on in all her scenes.”

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