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If you’re wanting to call Wrinkles the Clown, you still can. He has a phone number that’s still active in 2019. But you’re not so likely to get an answer these days, at least according to people who have tried calling. Now that a new Wrinkles the Clown documentary has premiered, he’s likely to be getting a lot of new phone calls.  Michael Beach Nichols, the documentary’s director, told Heavy that Wrinkles’ calls have skyrocketed since the trailer for the movie first premiered.

Wrinkles’ Phone Number Is Still Active

Wrinkles the Clown

Wrinkles the Clown had photos and flyers all over the Naples, Florida area, with a phone number that people could call if they wanted to hire him to scare their misbehaving children. The phone number actually still works today. Michael Beach Nichols, the director of the new documentary, said the number’s active and Wrinkles listens to it. He told Tampa Bay Times: “It’s still active. And Wrinkles still listens to as many voicemails as he can get through, but it’s overwhelming.” Tampa Bay Times tried calling the number and it was active. They left voicemails that weren’t returned.

The phone number is 407-734-0254.

In July 2018, the YouTube channel Calling Creepy Numbers left this video calling the phone number and just getting a voicemail message.

Calling 407-734-0254 A Clown (Requested)2018-07-21T00:11:18.000Z

A story in Inquisitr from 2016 also mentions the same phone number. Wrinkles the Clown (or someone claiming to be Wrinkles) had an interview with The Washington Post in November 2015 and claimed that he would make an appearance at a party or a gathering or prank a friend for a “few hundred bucks cash.”

Wrinkles Sometimes Gets Death Threats on His Voicemail

Wrinkles the Clown

Michael Beach Nichols told Heavy that Wrinkles’ phone number is a Google Voice number, and he was allowed to have access to the number when he was making the documentary. One thing that shocked him was realizing just how many of the voicemails left for Wrinkles were death threats from children.

“The majority of calls were actually kids who, in most cases, were calling to basically let Wrinkles know that if he showed up outside their house at 3 am, they’d be ready to defend themselves and they’d cut his head off basically,” Nichols said. “A lot of kids were basically taking their power back… They wanted to make him aware that they were ready to use deadly force to defend themselves. A lot of the calls were super violent, super profane.”

He said some of the children who called were nice and just wanted to be friends, but a lot of the calls were quite intense.

Wrinkles still uses the phone number today. In fact, the number of calls to that number has skyrocketed since the trailer aired, Nichols told Heavy.

“Right now there’s more awareness of Wrinkles in perhaps any other time in the history of Wrinkles,” he said. “There’s a lot more engagement right now. That’s exciting for Wrinkles.”

If you want to see the Wrinkles documentary, you can learn all about how to watch it in Heavy’s story here.

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