Are YDB & Da’Zyna Still Dating on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’?

Getty Da'zyna Drayton

YDB and Da’Zyna have had a complicated relationship on Growing Up Hip Hop. From going on dates to finding out their dynamic within their respective families, the y have gone through several ups and downs. But are they dating? Are YDB and Da’Zyna still seeing each other on a romantic basis? Read on to find out.

The pair hit things off earlier this season, but Da’Zyna was faced with a difficult truth when her father Flavor Flav informed her that she and YDB are cousins by marriage. He urged her to stop seeing him, but Da’Zyna continued to entertain the notion. Da’Zyna talked about her dilemma with fellow cast member Taniqua, who similarly urged her to break things off. Da’Zyna said that she was interested in polyamory, which is the practice of engaging in multiple relationships with the consent of all involved.

YDB & Da’Zyna Started Dating at the Beginning of the Season

Then there is the matter of Da’Zyna’s bisexuality. During a recent episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Da’Zyna opened up to her father about her lifestyle. “I’m attracted to guys, I’m attracted to girls, I’m attracted to both sex,” she explained. “I want my husband to have two wives.” She also told her father that she wanted to be in a throuple, meaning that she wants to be her husband’s wife and have a wife of her own.

“Being a bisexual woman, I definitely struggled a lot coming out to people that are really close to me,” Da’Zyna said during a confessional. “And I’ve really never had this conversation with my dad. For me to actually hear him say, ‘I support you.’ It feels really good.” Flavor Flav supported her daughter’s choices. “If that’s what you want and as long as you’re happy you make your own decision for yourself,” he said. “It made me feel so proud and happy to hear her saying those words to me. At the end of the day, one thing you can’t take away is we’re family.”

YDB Said He Wants to Have a Child with Da’Zyna

YDB's Looking For a 'Date & Impregnate' Girl! 🤦‍♀️| Growing Up Hip Hop: New YorkYoung Dirty Bastard’s mom talks about her and Old Dirty Bastard’s life together, but things quickly switch to YDB's love life. Watch GUHH:NY Thursdays at 9/8C! #GUHHNY Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: WE tv Instagram: Official Site: The children of…2019-09-12T22:00:29Z

YDB remained hopeful upon learning that he and Da’Zyna may be cousins. He said that he wanted to continue to see her, and suggested they get a DNA test to double-check. On the October 12 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, YD admits that he’s looking for a “date and impregnate” girl, and he has his sights set on Da’Zyna. Things hit a rough patch, however, when he throws a party, and his baby mother Angela gets into an argument with Da’Zyna.

So are YDB and Da’Zyna still together? All signs point to a tenative yes. While they are taking things slow, they are both interested in one another, and YDB has made it clear that he wants to have a child with her. Whether their relationship lasts, or hits additional rough patches along the way, remains to be seen.

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