Audrey Berry, Kid Rock’s Fiancee: 5 Fast Facts

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Twitter/@jaketapper Kid Rock and fiancee Audrey Berry in 2017

Audrey Berry is the longtime partner of musician Kid Rock. The couple became engaged in 2017 after nearly a decade together.

Berry is a regular presence at Kid Rock’s shows and is known to his most committed fans because she interacts with them during events. But little is publicly known about her background because she and Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, have kept their relationship very much out of the spotlight. Berry also appears to have remained off social media.

Here’s what you need to know about Audrey Berry.

1. Kid Rock Spotted Audrey Berry In a Restaurant In 2010 & ‘Asked Her Out On the Spot’

Kid Rock on CBS Sunday MorningKid Rock appeared on CBS Sunday Morning on November 25, 2012. The new album "Rebel Soul" available now! Buy it on iTunes: Amazon: Official website: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe:

Audrey Berry and Kid Rock met in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reported that the couple met “a couple of years” after his brief marriage to actress Pamela Anderson ended in divorce in 2007.

Berry and Kid Rock’s first encounter in 2010 appears to have been a stroke of luck. Rolling Stone reported that Kid Rock saw Berry in a restaurant and “asked her out on the spot.”

The magazine described Berry as a “no-nonsense brunette.” Their first date took place in Chicago and they’ve been together ever since.

In a November 2012 interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning, Kid Rock didn’t reveal that he was in a relationship. But he did talk about how after his marriage to Anderson ended, he had made a decision that he wouldn’t be “screwing around looking for love in Hollywood ever.” He told Tracy Smith that he wasn’t sure if he would get married again in the future, but admitted that he wouldn’t necessarily rule it out either.

The interview is embedded above. He discusses his views on relationships beginning at about 3:30.

2. Kid Rock Proposed In 2017 & Fans Noticed Audrey Berry Sporting a Massive Ring During His Rock Cruise

Kid Rock popped the question to Audrey Berry in early 2017. But the news did not become public until April of that year.

Berry was spotted wearing a massive rock on her left hand during Kid Rock’s “Chillin’ the Most” fan cruise that month. TMZ published photos of Berry admiring the ring and smiling at it. The photos are embedded above.

According to the Detroit Free Press, news of the engagement first began percolating on the private Facebook group page for the fan cruise.

3. Audrey Berry Attended a White House Dinner With President Trump Shortly After Becoming Engaged to Kid Rock

Audrey Berry and Kid Rock’s most public outing took place shortly after the news of their engagement. They attended a dinner with President Trump at the White House in April 2017.

They posed for a photo next to President Trump in the Oval Office. On the other side of the desk was singer Ted Nugent, his wife Shemane, and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Palin had been invited to the White House and was told to “bring friends” for the occasion. She explained on her website, “It was the highest honor to have great Americans who are independent, hardworking, patriotic, and unafraid share commonsense solutions at the White House. (Asked why I invited Kid Rock and Ted Nugent I joked, ‘Because Jesus was booked.’) The company was wonderful and dinner was beyond superb, with Baked Alaska for dessert. Thanks to the outstanding White House staff, chefs, Secret Service, and of course the President for making it such a special evening.”

Palin shared additional images from the evening to her website. Other members of her team and daughter Willow were also in attendance.

4. Audrey Berry Enjoys Hunting & Riding ATVs

Kid Rock and Audrey Berry enjoy living the country lifestyle, which includes time spent hunting and riding four-wheelers. The musician sat down with Rolling Stone in 2015 at his estate in Troy, Alabama.

Reporter Patrick Doyle described Berry driving up in a “pickup truck, just back from Walmart” as Kid Rock and his friend “Gabe” made turkey sandwiches at the house. The article notes that Berry, at that time, spent much of the year living at the Alabama house. The reporter explained that Berry “loves to hunt, though she had to take a break a few months ago when she broke her leg in a nighttime ATV crash.”

The article includes a picture of Kid Rock and Berry standing next to two hogs that they had killed. The reporter described how the couple had captured the animals in a cage and took turns with the rifle. “Rock hands a rifle to Audrey, showing her where to aim at the blond boar. ‘Ah, they stink!’ she says, sticking the gun into the cage and firing. ‘Poor thing! Sorry, buddy.’

The article adds that during the rest of the day, the group relaxed with a few beers. Berry put on a Miranda Lambert album and served a “venison pasta dinner.” The end of the article also notes that Berry’s brother was in the military and was a guest at the Alabama estate.

5. Kid Rock’s Song ‘Johnny Cash’ Was About Audrey Berry

Kid Rock – Johnny Cash [Official Music Video]Download on iTunes: Directed by: Eric Welch Kid Rock – Johnny Cash [Official Music Video]2015-12-10T16:03:48.000Z

Kid Rock released his 10th studio album, “This Kiss,” in February of 2015. He admitted in an interview that year that one of the songs on the record, called “Johnny Cash” was about Audrey Berry.

He alluded to Berry’s enjoyment for the country lifestyle in part of the lyrics: “I like the French braids in your hair / And them faded blue jeans that you wear / I like to watch you shoot your guns / And I like the way you love having fun, oh baby.”

The song also alluded to the fact that Berry accepts Kid Rock for who he is without judgment. “I like the way you hold my hand / And play just like my baby grand / I like how you don’t give a damn (Don’t give a damn)/ And love me just the way I am, the way I am.”

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