Snoop Dogg’s Friend Bad Azz Dead at 43: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bad Azz dead

Instagram/Bad Azz Bad Azz pictured on his Instagram page in November 2018.

Bad Azz, the rapper and member of the Dogg Pound, has died at the age of 43. His death was confirmed in an Instagram post from Snoop Dogg on November 11. The rapper, whose real name is Jamaar Antonio Stamps, died in the Southwest Detention Center in Riverside, California. Bad Azz’s cause of death has not been made public.

During his career, Bad Azz collaborated with legends such as Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube and Busta Rhymes. His first solo album, “Word On Tha Streets,” was released in 1998. Bad Azz had been signed to Snoop’s Doggystyle Records.

Bad Azz ft Snoop Dogg – Wrong Idea (Official Music Video)Bad Azz2010-06-22T19:36:30.000Z

Snoop wrote in tribute to his friend, “Damn ?. R. I. P. To my young. D. P. G. L. L. G. L. B. C. Crew original @badazzlbc gone 2 soon ???????.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Bad Azz Was Due to Appear in Court on November 13

Bad Azz Riverside County sheriff

Riverside County SheriffA screenshot from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office’s website showing the details surrounding Bad Azz’s arrest.

Bad Azz had been arrested and accused of domestic violence four days before his death, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. Bad Azz was due to appear in court next on November 13. Bad Azz’s bail had been set at $10,000 but he had not been bonded out.

In a tribute Instagram post, Dillinger posted a screenshot from the Riverside County Sheriff’s office showing the circumstances surrounding Bad Azz’s arrest. In the caption for that post, Dillinger wrote, “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ✌? BAD AZZ RIP?.”

2. Bad Azz Met Tupac in 1995 Through Marion ‘Suge’ Knight

Bad Azz (Last Interview) Bad Azz Breaks Silence On 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, DPG, Death Row Records & More!Bad Azz last interview six days before his untimely death. Bad Azz breaks silence on Death Row artist being jealous of Tupac. Bad Azz also reveals if Tupac wanted to sign him to Makaveli Records. Bad Azz tells story of Nate Dogg calling him and telling him that Tupac was shot in Vegas and much…2019-11-05T16:21:24.000Z

Six days before his death, Bad Azz discussed working with Tupac Shakur in an interview with The Art of Dialogue. Bad Azz said that he first spoke to Tupac in a three-way phone call with Marion “Suge” Knight in 1995. Bad Azz said that he met Tupac a week later in a meeting that was set up by Snoop Dogg. Bad Azz added that Snoop had set the meeting up because he knew of Bad Azz’s admiration for Tupac.

Bad Azz told Hip-Hop DX in a 2010 interview that in 2001, he got into a physical fight with Suge Knight. This came shortly after Knight’s release from prison. The rapper said that the fight was the result of the exodus from Death Row Records among Snoop Dogg and associated rappers. Bad Azz told the website, “There were reports that I was greatly injured way worse than I was. I was a little shaken, I had some scuffs on me. I even got touched a couple of times that didn’t leave no marks on me or nothing.”

Bad Azz told Dub CNN in 2003 that he had always thought that he and Suge were friends until their altercation. Bad Azz described Suge by saying, “Suge was like our big homie, our CEO, our mentor, our bodyguard, he would ride for the Dogg Pound!”

3. Bad Azz Famously Collaborated on Tupac’s 1995 Song ‘Krazy’

2Pac – Krazy Ft. Bad Azz (Nozzy-E OG Vibe Remix) (Prod By DJ Cvince)2Pac – Krazy Ft. Bad Azz Nozzy-E OG Vibe Remix Prod By DJ Cvince Requested by Abzman96 All Rights Reserved For The Respective Owners No Copyright Infringement Intended Go Join The Mobfiggaz Facebook Group Mobfiggaz Mobfiggaz Mobfiggaz Group: Nozzy Facebook: Nozzy E Tupac Eternally Thuggin (Facebook Page):

Bad Azz went on to be featured on Tupac’s “Krazy” from the album, “Makaveli.” Bad Azz told The Art of Dialogue, “Krazy was dope. Krazy was like, I feel like it was meant to happen, you know what I’m saying? Like something that the universe put together. You know some people call it God. Just perfect timing, you know what I’m saying? Right place at the right time.” Bad Azz explained that he had been recording in the studio next to Tupac when the idea of a collaboration came up. Krazy said Tupac’s crew “had the beat up” and Tupac asked Bad Azz if he had any ideas for a verse. The rest is history. Bad Azz explained further, “That record has really touched a lot of people. It was just a blessing like I said for me to get on it. For me to go in there at the time I did just to say what’s up to my homeboy. And that’s all it was. I didn’t go in there with the intention like I’ma go rap with Tupac today.”

Bad Azz-We Be Puttin It Down feat Snoop Dogg.aviSon extrait de Word on that Street (1998) de Bad Azz (signé par Snoop Dogg)2010-08-24T05:04:12.000Z

In a previous interview about his Tupac collaboration with Vlad TV, Bad Azz disclosed how much Tupac would talk about his own death.

4. Bad Azz Was Last Majorly in the News in 2013 When He Got Into a Major Brawl With Ray-J

Bad Azz – How We Get Down …Ft . Doggy's Angel's [FULL VIDEO] West Coast ..Bad Azz – How We Get Down …Ft . Doggy's Angel's2009-09-14T00:05:22.000Z

Bad Azz was last in the mainstream news in March 2013 when he got into a brawl with Snoop Dogg’s cousin, Ray-J. E Online reported at the time that Ray-J’s management said that Bad Azz had “sucker-punched” Ray. David Weintraub, Ray-J’s manager, said that his client had gotten into an altercation with a woman backstage. During that melee, Weintraub said Bad Azz punched Ray-J. Weintraub added that the animosity between the two stemmed from a fight the pair had been involved in 2005.

Bad Azz’s version of events, which the rapper discussed in an interview with Power 105.1, saw him say that he hadn’t seen Ray-J since 2005. Bad Azz said that they had gotten into a fight on Snoop’s tour bus and Bad Azz had been waiting since then to take revenge. Bad Azz said, “But it wasn’t nothing. His homies helped him. Nobody got super mixed up. I did not knock him out cold…We got a little tough, is all…It was just to send a little message… ‘Don’t ever put your hands on me.'” Bad Azz concluded by saying, “All I do is rap music, love my kids and take care of my business.”

5. Rappers & Fans Have Taken to Social Media En Masse to Pay Tribute to Bad Azz

Rapper Vince Staples also acknowledged Bad Azz’s death in a Twitter post that simply read, “RIP BAD AZZ.” While Daz Dillinger sent out six messages on his Instagram page in tribute to Bad Azz. In another message, Dillinger referred to Bad Azz as a “Long Beach legend.” In addition to being a member of the Dogg Pound, Bad Azz was a member of the Long Beach City Crew collective alongside Lil’ C-Style and Tray Dee.

Here are some of the most poignant tributes to Bad Azz:

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