‘Temptation Island’: Are Ben and Ashley Dating?

Temptation Island | Sneak Peek: Ashley Kisses Ben | Season 2 Episode 6 | on USA NetworkAshley Howland kisses Ben Knobloch after their date. Watch Temptation Island Thursdays at 10/9c on US Network. » Subscribe to USA Network: bit.ly/1Rvs3kA #TemptationIsland #USANetwork Season 2, Episode 6: A Real Man As more time is spent on the island, choices are made that could change the couples' futures. About Temptation Island: TEMPTATION ISLAND follows…2019-11-08T19:07:40.000Z

On last week’s episode of Temptation Island, Ben and Ashley finally kissed, shaking things up between her and Casey. We’re not sure where this week’s episode is taking us, other than the fact that Casey is not happy with what’s going down. At the end of last week’s episode, Casey became extremely aggressive after watching Ben and Ashley’s kiss, and began pounding on the seat he was sitting on.

But the question still remains: are Casey and Ashley still together? Is it possible that Ashley is now dating Ben?

Here’s what we know:

Ashley & Ben Interact Frequently on Social Media

Head to Instagram, and you’ll see that the pair are busy ‘liking’ one another’s content on the platform. On November 6, Ashley ‘liked’ a photo of Ben holding a fake baby, and she did the same thing on October 21. In an October 18 Instagram post, Ashley commented on Ben’s picture, “Who wears short shorts” with a devil emoji, and Ben responded, “show em if you got em.”

The two have also engaged in some banter on Twitter. On October 8, Ben wrote that he was looking for a date to do fall activities with him. Ashley responded “If they are leafy greens.”

And in a separate Instagram post that featured Ben at his nephew’s birthday party, the two wore matching shark costumes. Ashley wrote, “OMG THIS IS SO CUTEEEEE” with a heart-eyed emoji.

Snooki Wants Them to Date

On October 23, Ashley posted a pif of her and Ben hugging on Instagram, and commented, “Hey look guys! I’m not crying! ? Who’s tuning in tomorrow night for episode 3 of @temptationtv?! Every Thursday at 10/9c on @usa_network.”

Snooki responded, “If you don’t end up with Ben I’m leaving.” The comment has gotten over 900 likes to date.

Ashley responded to the comment with a winky face. While that isn’t spoiling the ending of the season, it’s pretty telling in and of itself.

In a sneek peak for tonight’s episode, there’s even more kissing going on between Ben and Ashley. And this is all going down as a crying Casey tells the cameras, “She’s happy without me.”

Tonight, the couples have the ability to record a 30-second video for their significant other. But will that save Casey and Ashley’s relationship? Based on social media, it seems that they’re no longer together, and Ashley and Ben are coupled off, but only time will tell.

And what’s the deal with Casey? After all, he did say that he’d be fine if he and Ashley broke up. While Casey hasn’t been active on Ashley’s social media account, he has ‘liked’ a number of Rachel’s Instagram posts. Payton seems to be out of the picture completely– after all, she has posted a handful of photos with a new man and hasn’t been interacting with Casey at all.

Be sure to tune into a new episode of Temptation Island tonight on USA Network at 10pm ET/PT.

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