Will April and Ethan Stay Together on ‘Chicago Med’?

Chicago Med's Ethan and April are having problems in their relationship.

2019 NBCUniversal Media, LLC Chicago Med's Ethan and April are having problems in their relationship.

Just when it seemed like April and Ethan were finally in a good place, a few things are set to change the whole dynamic. After all, fans were happy to see the two together and making it work as episodes progressed. A peaceful and happy relationship isn’t exactly good for drama though, so expect the unexpected for them.

Dr. Marcel Is A Factor In What Happens Next

It was clear when Crockett Martel appeared, he was going to be a disruptive influence for the relationship. While some debated how he dealt with the first of his many medical emergencies, others were more than willing to see how the character progressed. Executive producer Diane Frolov got to the point of the character when she spoke to US Weekly. “He’s there to shake things up. I think he’s going to continue to do that. He’s just a different energy,” she said.

Another of the series’ executive producers, Andrew Schneider, talked about Chicago Med’s approach to relationships. In a candid statement to TV Insider, the ep said,”what we tried to do is bring all the stories to a head that were set up either at the end of last season or the beginning of this season and bring them all to a big moment either of resolution or spring-boarding in another direction.”

Some Are Questioning the Pace of New Love Triangle on the Series

Some fans and TV writers have their doubts about introducing Martel into the mix so soon after the couple finally got past their difficulties. CinemaBlend writer Laura Hurley was one of the writers to directly address the possible triangle forming in the first half of the season. “Luckily, Chicago Med didn’t speed into this triangle so much that Ethan saw the almost-kiss, confronted April, and there was a huge blowout. Ethan instead showed up in the nick of time and apologized to April, even agreeing to ditch the ovulation calendar and do things April’s way,” she wrote of Martel’s move towards April.

Not everyone is in agreement. Fansided’s Brittany Frederick made a case for the pair breaking up as she weighed the pros and cons of their relationship in season 5. “The writing for this ship, particularly April, hasn’t been great this season. April has turned into sort of what Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) was like during the second season,”she wrote of the state of their relationship at the time. “She’s self-righteous and making sure everyone knows what she thinks, even if it means putting aside ethics or feelings of other people.”

No matter what happens, fans continue to control the fates of the popular couple through fan fiction. While some take it on themselves to play with the possibilities of the love triangle, other prefer a happily ever after for April and Ethan. Of course, some are more than content to explore the possible couple of April and Martel. Whether the show’s writers and producers are paying attention if up for debate, but the conversation is sure to continue when the series returns from its fall finale.

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