DWTS Elimination Predictions for Tonight – 11/11/2019

Dancing With the Stars 2019 Cast and Partners


Another week, and another round of speculation regarding the cast of Dancing with the Stars. It’s clear who the weakest performer of the season has been, but political aide Sean Spicer has continued to ride a wave of popularity that’s seen him evade elimination. That leaves open some big questions: Who will be eliminated tonight? Which celebrity contestant will be forced to call it quits?

As the pool of talent grows smaller, it becomes increasingly tense for the performers who lean towards the bottom half. The Office star Kate Flannery was eliminated last week, which has already led to some pushback from viewers. Many felt that Flannery was unfairly eliminated despite her strong performance, and a GoldDerby poll shows that 89% objected to her being sent home so early.

Most Fans Believe That Kate Flannery Should Not Have Been Eliminated Last Week

Flannery’s elimination means that there are only two contestants left in the competition who even have been in the bottom two: comedian Kel Mitchell and Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke. The former has performed decently throughout the season, but he has not earned scores that are as consistently high as Brooke. If it comes down to the two of them, the odds are the judges will choose to save Brooke.

Theoretically, teams who have scored well with the judges and been saved each week, like James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater, should be safe going into the semi-finals, but things don’t seem as clear for some of the other pairs. It’s possible that Sean Spicer’s number comes up tonight, after a highly controversial and debated run.

Sean Spicer’s Continued Success Despite His Low Scores Have Sparked Controversy

With a smaller competition field and fewer people to divide the votes against, there is a decent chance that fans who are tired of his presence could get him into the Bottom Two and pull the trigger on an elimination. Spicer’s fate is all dependent on his fan base, however, who have been undying in their support and have kept him afloat despite his stagnant scores.

Lauren Alaina is another performer who may see her lucky streak run out tonight. She’s managed to stay out of the bottom two throughout the competition, but of the remaining teams, she and partner Gleb Savchenko tend to get the lowest scores from the judges. In fact, her scores are second lowest, behind only Spicer. If her fan base fails to come through, she could find herself hung out to dry and sent home.

We Predict That Comedian Kel Mitchell Will Be Eliminated Tonight

So who will be eliminated during tonight’s episode? There are several likely candidates, and even some who have been likely but continue to coast through, but ultimately, we predict that Kel Mitchell will draw the short straw. Though he is liked by the judges and the viewers at home, his fanbase is not as intense or as dedicated as Spicer’s or even Brooke’s.

GoldDerby runs a similar prediction, as they give Mitchell 39/20 odds of being eliminated, followed by Spicer with 9/4 odds. Tune into the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars to find out whether our prediction is accurate or if there is another surprising upset!