Updated Airline Travel Flight Delays and Cancellations For Thanksgiving 2019

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The holiday season is getting off to a miserable start thanks to a line of storms that are challenging some of the United States busiest airports. As of 1:00pm EST, major airlines are all reporting delays as well as cancellations that should create a domino effect among other flights. As always, flyers or those meeting passengers are asked to call ahead to their airline for more information or additional help.

Airports With the Most Delays As of the Current Update

Boston’s Logan airport has become a source of delays for travelers. Inbound flights to the airport, those that are still on the ground at their airport of origin, will remain so for up to an hour after the scheduled departure time. Flights on their way to Boston that are already in the air may be asked to hold off on landings for 30 minutes to an hour depending on various conditions.

Newark Liberty International still has up to an hour delay due to weather. San Francisco is also still at their previously announced delay times. Right now, 30 minutes is the normal wait time for flights. Passengers travelling to Canadian or Mexican airports could be in for up to an hour or more delay times.

Previously: 1pm EST

Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport is experiencing delays that average up to an hour at times. Newark Liberty International Airport is also seeing an average delay time of an hour or more. Some airport’s delay times are closer to 30 minutes overall. In Chicago, O’Hare International is seeing more traffic as the day goes on. Right now, that makes wait times on runways up to 30 minutes, and possibly growing as Wednesday continues.

Airports in the western part of the United States have surprisingly made an appearance in early Thanksgiving travel delays. McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has half hour delays due to stronger than normal winds. Those delays are predicted to grow as the day goes on. San Francisco International is also experiencing short stoppages and delayed departures as clouds become an issue.

Currently, three of the biggest airports in America appear to running on extremely small delays or no delays at all. Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta is reporting clear skies and the usual pre-holiday traffic. Los Angeles International encourages early arrivals ahead of the large traffic, but airline times remain close to, if not, on schedule. The same goes for JFK International in New York. While traffic and large crowds might be a problem, the airlines seem to have no issues at this time.

Florida’s major airports in Orlando and Miami are currently free from delays or cancellations. The number of arrivals in the area will go up during the day and night as popular tourist destinations see an influx of guests. The large number of arrivals may see a spike in later than expected arrival times due to crowded runways.

Airlines With the Most Delays and Cancellations As of the Current Update

Southwest still leads the number of delays among United States based airlines. United has also seen a growing number of delays that appear to inch closer to Southwest’s total. Those numbers may continue to change as Boston and Minneapolis continue to have problems among delay times. Cancellations remain relatively light for the holiday period, especially considering current weather conditions in some areas.

Previously: 1pm EST

Travelers who are booked with Southwest should take another look at their scheduled arrival and departure times. The airline currently has the most delays of any carrier in the United States. This could be coming from the advance of storms in the Northeast. Some of those delays could also relate to the airline’s larger schedule of domestic flights.

Of the largest carriers, United is another airlines to watch out for at this time. Their total number of delays has hit triple digits. With Chicago’s growing number of delays and time between schedule departures and actual departures, that number should get larger as traffic grows. Right now, the airline’s cancellations are relatively small.

Other major airlines such as American and Delta are currently reporting no delays or extremely small delays to their overall schedule. For both, having selected hubs that run outside of the talked about weather patterns could help their times. Right now, their biggest obstacles will be growing traffic from holiday travel.

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