Gwen Stefani Net Worth 2019: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gwen Stefani Net Worth

Getty Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has gone far since her early career singing backup for No Doubt. Since then, she became lead singer, launched her solo career, and started two successful brands.

Stefani has a net worth of $135 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Stefani was born October 3, 1969, in Fullerton, California. Stefani is 50. She started No Doubt with her brother, Eric Stefani.

She was married to Gavin Rossdale, and the couple divorced in 2016. She kept their Beverly Hills mansion and listed it for $35 million after their divorce, according to Forbes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gwen Stefani Bought a Beverly Hills ‘Kaleidoscope’ Mansion for $13.25 Million & Sold it for a 60 Percent Discount

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Gwen Stefani sold her renovated mansion in the Beverly Hills Post Office district at a 60 percent discount in 2019, but that price was still well above her purchase price. The neighborhood was facing a real estate crisis with only two homes selling in the first eight months of the year. Then three homes sold in about three months, showing some revitalization in the neighborhood’s real estate market. Two of the homes that were sold were some of the most expensive. The first was Stefani’s seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom home. The other was backed by billionaires Ian and Richard Livingstone, according to Forbes.

“She purchased the home with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale for $13.25 million in 2006 and proceeded to give it a colorful overhaul with the help of designer Kelly Wearstler (whose “kaleidoscope” flair and approach to design have graced these pages already, not to mention her work on Hollywood’s most expensive penthouse),” Forbes reported.

Stefani originally had the home listed for $35 million, but reduced the price several times until it sold for $21.65 million October 1, 2019. The home includes ornate chandeliers, glassed-in porches and a pool that looks over the city.

2. Gwen Stefani Launched a Clothing Line & Fragrance Line Earlier in her Career

Gwen Stefani launched her first brand, L.A.M.B., in 2003. It was named after Love Angel Music Baby, her debut solo album. The brand sells in stores worldwide and earns $90 million per year, according to Diversity Woman. Stefani said she wanted the brand to be something she could do after she retires from music.

“I’m not going to be running around doing cartwheels on stage for the rest of my life,” Stefani told Diversity Woman. “L.A.M.B. is something that can be lasting and something I can continue to do . . . with a family.”

She launched an eyewear brand, Tura, through the company in 2016, according to her website.

“Widely recognized for her iconic style and lifelong love of design, Grammy winning singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani launched her luxurious fashion line L.A.M.B. in 2003,” the website said. “What began in Gwen’s kitchen as a two-week design project has grown into a much loved lifestyle brand. An acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, L.A.M.B. is defined by Gwen’s innate sense of style which features a perfect mash-up of classic Hollywood movie star glamour and modern street influences.”

3. Gwen Stefani Made $55 Million in Ticket Sales in Solo Concerts in 2008

In 2008, Gwen Stefani made the Celebrity 100 list with Forbes, ranking No. 63 between Ryan Seacrest and Daniel Radcliffe. She had an income of $27 million that year, and performed 100 concerts on her solo tour. At the time, she was still the lead singer of No Doubt.

“The genre-stretching singer played 100 solo concerts in the past year, racking up $55 million in gross ticket sales,” Forbes reported. “The front woman of No Doubt also owns a high-end fashion line, L.A.M.B., and appears in commercials for Hewlett-Packard.”

In 2012 when No Doubt reunited to release an album, Stefani said her solo career was only a side project.

“It just feels so much more natural being back in this mode,” she told the Guardian. “The solo records allowed me to indulge my girly side but it was never meant to be taken seriously. It was just like an art project that kept going longer than I expected. The group never ended – we always knew we’d come back to make this album.”

She sold millions of solo albums, and she was nominated for multiple Grammys.

4. Gwen Stefani Has Landed Acting Roles in Popular Movies & TV Shows

Gwen Stefani has landed a slew of acting roles. Her biggest role was in “The Aviator” in 2004. She played Jean Harlow in the film. Her most recent acting gig was a voice actor in “Trolls.” She played DJ Suki. She has also had appearances in popular TV shows. She appeared on “Gossip Girls” as the “snowed out singer” in 2009. She also appeared in Dawson’s Creek and in Zoolander, according to IMDB.

In 2004, she told MTV that acting was much more challenging than singing for her. She said it was something she wanted to do more. At the time, she had just landed her role in Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator.”

“Acting is a lot different than singing,” she said. “It’s not as theatrical, it’s a lot more subtle, and that’s a lot harder. Simpler is usually harder. So I would love to do more. I got my feet wet, but I would love to go swimming.”

5. Stefani’s Brand, Harajuku Lovers, Became an Empire as an Accessible Line

After Gwen Stefani’s success with L.A.M.B., she launched Harajuku Girls as a less expensive and more accessible product line. In 2015, she added a children’s line to the brand. She also launched a fragrance line through the company, according to Forbes.

“LAMB was selling so well (Newsweek pegged its revenues at around $100 million a few years after launch), the pop star expanded the company to include a cheaper, more accessible line called Harajuku Lovers,” Forbes reported in 2016. “The brand extension was essentially just merchandising for the album, which was still being promoted, and it featured everything from t-shirts to lanyards to simple accessories. While the items she was selling under the Harajuku Lovers name might not have been luxurious or even terribly interesting, the fact that she now had a pair of fashion companies going at the same time turned her from a designer to a mogul in record time. Just last year, a children’s line was also added under the brand’s powerful name, and while many of the items once sold have disappeared, Harajuku Lovers fragrances, which use some pretty familiar names and characteristics, are still sold in stores and online.”

The line includes clothing, fragrances and figurines. It is sold at Ulta and other stores.

She told Harpers Bazaar she wants her quirky style to morph with more typical styles so that people want to wear the looks every day.

“It’s kind of easy to make that really cool, quirky, fancy piece, but then you wear it one time and it’s over,” she said. “I’m always trying to make clothes that I want to wear every day.”

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