‘His Dark Materials’ Premiere: What Time & Channel Does It Air in the US & UK?


Tonight is the series premiere of His Dark Materials on HBO. This highly anticipated fantasy series based on the bestselling books may be the next Game of Thrones in HBO’s lineup. You’ll likely want to watch live so no one spoils you on what happens. When does the first episode start, what channel is it on, and how can you watch it? Read on below for more details about the premiere.

Time & Channel in the U.S.


The premiere of His Dark Materials is tonight, Monday, November 4, 2019.  The episode premieres at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central) if you’re watching on TV or online.

But West Coast is a little different.  The premiere of His Dark Materials will air on TV at 9 p.m. Pacific for people on the West coast. But it will be available starting at 6 p.m. Pacific for West coast viewers who watch via streaming on  HBO NOW or HBO GO.

This means that if you live in the West Coast region and watch on TV, you’ll be seeing the premiere a bit later than your counterparts who get the “eastern broadcast” feed versus the “western broadcast” feed. But if you watch it via streaming on the West  Coast, you’ll get to watch right at the same time as your eastern counterparts, according to HBO’s online schedule. The online schedule lists HBO GO and HBO NOW streaming as being simultaneous with the Eastern coast release, while HBO West’s TV channel release is later.

The episode will be available On Demand on November 5.

As for what channel the show is on, His Dark Materials airs on HBO in the U.S. To find what channel HBO is on for you, click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel HBO is on in your region.

The premiere will be one hour long.

Time & Channel in the U.K.

If you’re watching in the U.K., you’ll get to see the premiere earlier than your counterparts. In fact, you already missed the live premiere. In the U.K., the series premiered at 8 p.m. on Sunday, November 3 on BBC One. Each episode will premiere at the same time every week in the U.K.: every Sunday night at 8 p.m. Then HBO airs it the next day in the U.S. It’s probably good for HBO to have this schedule, since they’re already airing Watchmen on Sunday nights.

Episode Schedule

His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBOHBO and BBC present His Dark Materials, a new original series based on the global bestsellers, premiering Monday, November 4 on HBO. Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HisDarkMater… Follow on Twitter: https://twitter/daemonsanddust #HBO #HisDarkMaterials Subscribe to HBO on YouTube: https://goo.gl/wtFYd7 His Dark Materials stars Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Adapting Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy of the same name, which is considered a modern masterpiece of imaginative fiction, the first season follows Lyra, a seemingly ordinary but brave young woman from another world. Her search for a kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children, and becomes a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. As she journeys through the worlds, including our own, Lyra meets Will, a determined and courageous boy. Together, they encounter extraordinary beings and dangerous secrets, with the fate of both the living — and the dead — in their hands. Don’t have HBO? Order Now: https://itsh.bo/GetHBONow Get More HBO: Get HBO GO: https://play.hbogo.com Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HBO Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HBO Like on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hbo Official Site: http://www.hbo.com His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO2019-10-03T17:03:01.000Z

The series is based on the trilogy by Philip Pullman, also called His Dark Materials.

HBO’s synopsis for the series reads: “Based on author Philip Pullman’s beloved trilogy, His Dark Materials follows Lyra, a brave young woman from another world. Lyra’s quest to find her kidnapped friend leads her to uncover a sinister plot of a secret organization, encounter extraordinary beings and protect dangerous secrets.”

Season 1 will have eight episodes. It’s already been renewed for a second season.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season:

  • Episode 1 – Lyra’s Jordan (Nov. 3 in the UK, Nov. 4 in the US)
  • Episode 2 – The Idea of North (Nov. 10 in the UK, Nov. 11 in the US)
  • Episode 3 – The Spies (Nov. 17 in the UK, Nov. 18 in the US)
  • Episode 4 – Armour (Nov. 24 in the UK, Nov. 25 in the US)
  • Episode 5 – The Lost Boy (Dec. 1 in the UK, Dec. 2 in the US)
  • Episode 6 – The Daemon-Cages (Dec. 8 in the UK, Dec. 9 in the US)
  • Episode 7 – The Fight to the Death (Dec. 15 in the UK, Dec. 16 in the US)
  • Episode 8 – Betrayal (Dec. 22 in the UK, Dec. 23 in the US)

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