HTGAWM Spoilers: Who Is ‘How to Get Away With Murder’s FBI Informant?

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One of the biggest mysteries on the final season of How To Get Away With Murder is the FBI informant. As the show bounces between the future and the present, viewers have only received scattered hints about their identity. With the show entering its final stretch, the series promises to reveal all about the person who seems to play a role in some shocking events.

The Clues Point to a Murder and Asher Might Be Involved

In some of the future glimpses into the team’s lives, it appears that the FBI informant is dead. The clearest evidence comes from a scene where there’s mention of a dead informant comes up in a conversation. Not to mention, Connor as well as Michaela are undergoing their own questioning about the events leading up to the death.

Meanwhile, viewers have also got a look into Asher’s own future and it doesn’t appear to be good. He clearly seemed out of it and that shirt was clearly covered with what appeared to be blood. Before the scene was shown to audiences, some even speculated the character might be an informant. Of course, nothing is what it seems when it comes to this series. He might still play a role in the informant storyline or Asher could be caught up in a murder himself.

The Informant’s Identity Will Be Revealed in “Are You The Mole?”

With so many theories out there on who the informant can be, it remains a guessing game until the episode airs tonight. Before certain clues led away from Asher, many fans thought he was the source. He could still be involved or a second informant, but a reveal of him as the main informant seems unlikely now. Connor and Michaela may have also been eliminated from the pool of possibilities. Some viewers have speculated that Annalise herself could be the surprise reveal. With so much on the line against her, that theory seems unlikely. The funeral sequence might just be her escape plan instead of a goodbye.

What viewers can expect to see is something involving Oliver’s surprise gift to Michaela, Asher, and Connor. Keep in mind that Asher has not appeared with this blood drenched shirt yet. Annalise herself has a few surprises of her own to confront as she attends a party. No word if one of those turns out to be the informant’s revelation or something far worse.

Series Creator Peter Nowalk Teased Fans About the Informant’s Identity

As fans look forward to the final episodes, they’re ready for the big reveal. Nowalk himself is also prepared to give them what they came for, but he’s got a few stipulations first. In an interview with EW, the series creator was more than prepared to lay out the process that would lead to the answers and its importance to the storyline.

“Whoever the informant is, is probably actually doing the right thing in any normal moral standard. Yes, they are being noble. To our characters, of course, it’s a betrayal. And so this person will have really good reasons that are personal to them for doing what they’re doing,”Nowalk said. He gave viewers an idea of how the writer views the revelation. “As a writer, you don’t want it to feel like it comes out of the blue. [It needs to be] earned and we’ll show you how that’s earned in this episode as we reveal who it is.”

At a recent Paley Center event for the series, Nowalk delved into the events that would challenge viewers. “It’s a murder night episode where we as writers let ourselves go wild, and all the crazy comes out in the middle of the night, sort of like a full moon type of feeling,” Nowalk told TV Insider before the special finale screening. “The show is called How To Get Away With Murder. That means that there are bodies along the way and there will be a new one by the end of Episode 9.” It’s a potentially devastating tease for fans who have followed these characters for the show’s run.