Is ‘Bless This Mess’ on TV Tonight: When Is the Next Episode?

Bless This Mess airs on ABC.

ABC/Brian Bowen Smith Dax Shepard and Lake Bell star in Bless This Mess.

The ABC series Bless This Mess will not be airing tonight due to The Wonderful World of Disney Presents The Little Mermaid Live. It will return on November 12th in its usual 8:30pm time slot. Starring Dax Shepard and Lake Bell, the series covers a couple who tries to find a new way of life in an unfamiliar setting.

The Next Episode Airs on November 12th

Bless This Mess comes back to the ABC lineup in its regular time slot of 8:30pm. The series has been a slow starter for the network. In airings during the 2019-2020 season, overall ratings have been millions less than its lead-in, The Conners. It was a surprise success for the network when it premiered. ABC was quick to give it a season 2 renewal in May of 2019. As of the halfway mark in season 2, there has not been a decision announced on further seasons.

A Trip Isn’t What It Seems for Mike and Rio

Mike and Rio are in for a surprise in the next new episode. “The Visit” sees Donna offering a surprise trip to the couple. What seems like a time to relax becomes something unexpected as her real intentions come to light. The true motives are more centered around the harvest than any restful break. Constance has her own problems to deal with as Brandon tries to be a valuable employee at the store. In an attempt to get the store back to its normal ways, she turns to Rudy for help. Unfortunately for Rudy, he’s not in on the plan.

Lake Bell, who plays Rio Levine-Young, took many personal experiences and added them to her character’s narrative. This episode gives her a chance to show off her ability for both over-the-top and subtle comedic performances. The actress is also interested in how the show has addressed writing for Rio. “That’s something we’re enjoying in the writing of this show, investigating gender roles. Because part of what’s really interesting about more rural communities is that there is this very earnest and old-school way of doing things that works very well,” Bell told Vulture.

The Series’ Christmas Themed Episode Airs December 10th

Mike and Rio are prepared to celebrate Christmas, but everything seems to be going wrong for the couple in the holiday-themed episode. The time is even more special for the married pair as this is their first time to share the holiday. Kay is also planning something for the season as she welcomes Beau back. It’s all part of her attempt to make Jacob’s Christmas something he’ll never forget.

JT Neal, who portrays Jacob on the show, has found working on the show to be closer to his own life story. “It’s been nice to be a part of a show that has characters that I relate to from my own childhood and my own experience,” the actor said in an interview with HollywoodLife. “Because I feel like a lot of times, TV shows don’t include those parts of the country or those people in those parts of the country. So to get to represent them on primetime television was really exciting for me because it’s everybody that I grew up with, and it’s my family, and all the people that kind of got me to where I am now.”


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