Jackson & Vic Relationship Spoilers on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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ABC Grey's Anatomy returns tonight for a new episode.

The romance between Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Vic Hughes (Barrett Doss) has been a defining plot thread of Grey’s Anatomy season 16. Both had just come off of difficult relationships, and have served as a source of comfort for one another. But what happens to them during the fall finale? Will they break up? Will they take their romance to the next level?

The synopsis for season 16 episode 9 reads, “Jo becomes a safe haven volunteer and gets a call that a baby has been dropped off at Station 19. Meanwhile, Meredith moves forward with her life after facing the medical board. Jackson takes a big step in his budding romance with Vic, while Bailey and Amelia swap pregnancy updates.”

Jackson Takes His Relationship with Vic to the Next Level During the Finale

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It’s been teased that Jackson takes his relationship with Vic to the next level, after his near-reconciliation with Maggie during last week’s episode. The former lovers got together to talk, and after some intimate interaction, Maggie tried to go in for a kiss. Jackson nearly succumbed to the kiss, but he pulled back at the last minute, affirming his feelings for Vic. Maggie threw him out of the house. It appears that Jackson has finally moved on from Maggie, and has decided to embark on a future with Vic wholeheartedly.

Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff talked to Entertainment Tonight about the burgeoning romance, and how Jackson and Vic’s respective pasts have set the stage for their future. “I think that it’s human behavior,” she explained. “Often we comfort ourselves with something new when we’ve been through something painful. It happens with great frequency and I’m interested in exploring the edges of human behavior.”

Jackson & Vic’s Romance Has Been Teased as a Major Part of the Series Moving Forward

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Vernoff also said that Jackson and Vic’s relationship will play a huge part in both Grey’s Anatomy and the spinoff Station 19 moving forward. “The decision-making around it was a gut feeling. I knew that it was time for Maggie and Jackson to break up at the end of last season,” she teased. “I took over Station 19 and was looking at all the moving pieces and I just had a feeling about these two. And so, we tried it and the whole storyline is exciting to me. The complexity of it all is really interesting. It’s been a long time since Grey’s had a break-up this messy.”

Barrett Doss told ET that she was pleasantly surprised by the direction her character took. “It was a total surprise to me. I think that it’s a really interesting pairing actually, and I’m as excited as everyone else is to see where it goes. But, I was totally surprised,” she recalled. “What’s so cool about the way that this romance has started to play out, is that we’re really only seeing part of it. I’m excited for when Station 19 picks up again and you get to see Vic’s experience of this relationship from her point of view, if that is where it’s going.”

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