John Stamos Is Chef Louis In ‘The Little Mermaid Live!’

Getty John Stamos

John Stamos is one of the dozens of stars who will be appearing in The Little Mermaid Live! He will be playing the villainous Chef Louis, who tries to kill and cook some of the story’s cretaceous heroes. Read on for a rundown of how Stamos prepared for the role, and how he felt it was an exciting departure from his usual screen persona.

“I put on that mustache and something came over me,” Stamos told Playbill. “I had a sense of bravado with the character that I didn’t have before. What’s great playing this character is that he can flip at any moment; one second he loves the fish, the next he’s going to murder them. He’s like a Sweeney Todd character in that way.”

John Stamos Will Be Playing the Villainous Chef Louis In ‘The Little Mermaid Live!’

Stamos said that he was so eager to play Chef Louis because the producers allowed him to experiment and play with the character in ways that he isn’t usually allowed. “What excites me is that they’re sort of letting me play with the character a little bit,” he gushed. “I mean, the essence of him will be what people love, but you know, if you really look at this guy, he’s crazy! So just to be able to let all that out into this character is going to be really fun.”

Stamos joked about his unexpected casting, and how he would’ve gone for the role of Prince Eric if he was younger. “Yeah. I wonder what happened to, you know, Prince Eric?… I did [Chef Louis] at the Hollywood Bowl,” he told Extra TV. “I didn’t know what I was going to do with it… A couple hours before, I said to my assistant, ‘Go get me a big mustache, give me a beret and some guyliner’… It’s just gotten deeper and deeper, and he’s insane. I’m just playing him completely nuts.”

Stamos Said He Is Eager to Play Such an Unpredictable Character

The Full House star also said that the television production will be a treat for longtime Little Mermaid fans. “Everything you love about The Little Mermaid is still intact. The beauty of this, too, is that there’s really audience participation,” he explained.

“This event is the perfect combination of the old and the new. Fans of the original get to sit down and watch the movie they love but with some extra zhuzh,” Stamos continued. “The team has created a really safe environment for us to play around in and try new things… We’re really having a blast, and hopefully the audience at home will too!”

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