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Kellee Kim is not afraid to shake things up on Survivor: Island of the Idols. On last week’s episode, the Lairo tribe decided pretty much unanimously that they were going to vote Dean Kowalski out. But Kellee decided that she wanted to keep him around, even though that would mean breaking up the original Vokai majority when the merge comes.

So Kellee gave Dean her Idol, making him safe at Tribal council — though she voted for him anyway to keep suspicion off of her — and Jack Nichting got sent home. It was kind of bonkers, which means it’ll be super fun to watch the repercussions of this play out.

Here’s what you need to know about Kellee Kim.

1. Kellee is Super Smart

This 30-year-old contestant went to Harvard undergrad and then Wharton Business School to get her MBA, which are a couple pretty impressive lines on a resume. But she was nervous about that kind of background coming into Survivor.

In a pre-show interview, Kim told Parade, “I’m worried [the other contestants are] going to perceive me with the stereotypes of being smart, anti-social, and manipulative. Those are factors that serve you well at the end of the game, so you have to get there first.”

She later added, “I’m concerned I’m going to come of as a really strong person who’s too smart. I like to be loud and dominate social situations. That might be too strong for the game.”

2. She’s Also Very Athletic

Kim played varsity soccer for Harvard during her time as a Crimson. She told Parade that she actually got the last spot on the team after a girl who was supposed to go to Harvard ended up at Stanford instead. But she was excited to play whether she was the first recruit or the last recruit.

“There is nothing like being on a varsity team,” Kim told the Harvard student newspaper. “The level of competition and the pursuit of excellence with a group of people is incredibly difficult to find once you are out of college … when I was playing, I wish I had relished that feeling more often.”

Kim is also an avid skier — and we aren’t just talking about the bunny hill. Her Instagram is full of shots where she looks like a legit downhill racer.

3. Kellee Is Passionate About the Environment

Kim’s Instagram is full of posts from around the world — Lake Tahoe, Park City, Utah, Iceland, South Korea, British Columbia, Portugal, Taiwan, Japan. It looks like she and her family and friends are quite the world travelers.

But along with her travel posts, Kim often uses the hashtag #ProtectOurWinters,” which is an organization that “turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates.”

One particularly poignant shot shows Kim holding a piece of dead coral from Okinawa, Japan with the caption, “When someone tells you global warming isn’t happening, explain how the #coral around the world is dying because of higher ocean temperatures.”

4. Kellee Has Super Fun Hobbies

View this post on Instagram

G A R B A #dancingallnight

A post shared by Kellee Kim (@kelleekim) on Oct 16, 2015 at 11:43pm PDT

Kellee has posted photos of herself doing all sorts of fun things, like the above pic of her participating in a Garba dancing event. Garba is a traditional Indiana dance that uses a circular pattern and is characterized by a sweeping motion from side to side. It is a joyful dance that is often performed at festivals and other celebratory occasions.

Kim also isn’t afraid to get a little dirty on the paintball course or step into Sue Storm’s shoes for Halloween to “save the world, one bottle of wine at a time.”

Then, of course, there was that time she met Mindy Kaling at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

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This happened #sundance2015

A post shared by Kellee Kim (@kelleekim) on Jan 24, 2015 at 3:47pm PST

5. Kellee and Her Boyfriend Brock Are In Love

Kim hasn’t talked too much about her boyfriend Brock Petersen on Survivor, but she has written about him online a little. She recently posted a photo of them kissing in a cave while traveling in Vietnam and wrote about how grateful she is to have him in her life.

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am of @brockpees! He’s the reason we got through two years of business school and his support gave me the chance to do everything I could have dreamed of these last few years! To many more adventures!” writes Kim.

The two of them have been together for several years, as Kellee first appears in Brock’s Instagram in March 2016.

Petersen is just as crazy about her, writing a sweet post to Kim on her 30th birthday, “Big 30 celebration for the most unique, adventures, fun loving person I know. I am always surprised by @kelleekim ‘s ability to be authentic in all situations and throw her entire being in to her passions. I don’t think there is a goal too big for kellee and I have never seen her fall short of a goal. I cannot wait to see what this life of the party does in the next decade. Mainly because I love being part of the ride!!! Love you.”

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