Lacey Hodder Update on My 600 Lb. Life

Lacey Hodder, My 600 Lb. Life

Facebook/Instagram Lacey Hodder's season 7 episode of "My 600 Lb. Life" airs tonight at 8/7c on TLC. Read on to see what Lacey's been up to since her episode premiered earlier this year.

Lacey Hodder is the subject of tonight’s season 7 rerun episode My 600 Lb. LifeLacey was one of the most successful weight loss journeys of season 7 after losing an impressive 256 pounds during her episode. The reality star has kept the weight off since she debuted on the show earlier this year and she often updates fans on her progress through her social media pages.

Lacey weighed 691 pounds when she first started her weight loss journey with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, otherwise known as Dr. Now. The reality star admitted during her episode that she developed an eating disorder in part due to her parents’ divorce. When she met Dr. Now, he told her that her body was a “ticking clock right now,” and that it was ready to fail at any moment. With the support of her mother, Lacey began Dr. Now’s strict diet and was determined to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

So what’s going on with Lacey today? Since TLC is re-airing her episode tonight, fans might be wondering where she is now, and if she managed to lose anymore weight since she last appeared on the show. Here’s what we know about Lacey’s life today:

Dr. Now Put Lacey on a Strict High Protein, Low Carb Diet to Start Her Journey

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The clip above shows Dr. Now telling Lacey and her mother what they (both) need to do to get Lacey ready for weight loss surgery. He gives her a a high protein, low carb diet and tells her she needs to start walking thirty minutes in the morning and at night in order for him to approve her for surgery.

He also tells her mother that she needs to support her daughter and not enable her bad habits or he will start weight checking her as well. “Are you help for her?” Dr. Now asks her mother. “Because you haven’t been very successful with your own weight loss so I’m skeptical if you’re going to encourage healthy choices with her.”

He continues, “You can’t eat unhealthy food around her or bring her anything she shouldn’t be eating. So you both need to start to get your weight under control if you want to do this together, and if you don’t, we may start to do a weight check with you, because there’s no margin of error here, or any time to waste. Your body is a ticking clock right now that is going to go off at any minute.”

Lacey appears determined to stick to the diet and get her life back on track, and she assures Dr. Now as much before the clip ends. So was she successful? Where is she today? Keep reading to see what Lacey is up to these days.

She Started a Group to Help Support Others Trying to Lose Weight & Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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Lacey was overwhelmed with the love she received from fans of the show during her time on My 600 Lb. Life. According to Starcasm, Lacey expected more negativity and backlash from viewers, but she received an outpouring of support and gained thousands of followers on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

She also attributed the motivation to continue losing weights to her fans. “I just wanted to check in and let you guys know I’m doing well,” she wrote a few months ago. “I’ve had some ups and downs on the mental side of things but that’s to be expected. I’m feeling really good…Thank you for your support and helping me stay motivated. You all are inspiring to me and I appreciate the time you take to do so.”

Lacey often keeps fans updated through her social media pages, where she shares progress pictures, inspirational quotes and pictures of her dog. She recently shared an invite link to a group she put together to help support others as they work toward a healthier lifestyle.

“Hey guys I have been working on a Discord Server with someone special to me,” she wrote on Facebook. “We want to create a safe place where people from all over can come to together and help each other on their journeys to a healthier life. Also for people who are in maintenance. Really anyone who is supportive and just wants people to succeed in everything they do.”

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TLC to catch Lacey Hodder’s journey on My 600 Lb. Life.

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