Love After Lockup Mid-Season 2 Couples Still Together Predictions

Love After Lockup

WE tv/YouTube "Love After Lockup" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

Love After Lockup airs tonight at 9/8c on WE tv, and the season continues to heat up with even more drama, fights and tears than ever before. Love After Lockup follows inmates who found love while incarcerated and documents the couples as they navigate their relationships and lives following their release from prison.

The season 2 return features seven couples: Glorietta and Alex, Lizzy and Daniel, Andrea and Lamondre, Lacey and John (and Shane), Cheryl and Josh, and Vincent and Amber, as well as season 1’s Angela and Tony.

With season 2 well under way, fans might be wondering what’s going on with each of the mid-season couples today, and whether any of them are still together. Which couples made it work and who went their separate ways? At this moment it’s still a bit too early to know for certain who will stay together and who will split up; however, we’ve got a few ideas on who we think will last. Read on for our Love After Lockup mid-season 2 couples still together predictions:

It is worth noting that some of the reality stars have already gone public with their current relationship status. However, we did not want to include spoilers in this post; this is strictly our predictions based on how the couples are doing on the show right now.

Glorietta & Alex

Glorietta, a 33-year-old mother of one, met her boyfriend Alex through a cousin who was serving time at the same prison, according to WE tv. The couple was together for eight months before Alex’s release, and never knew each other outside of the glass partition that separated them during visits. Alex proposed to Glorietta through that same prison glass during a visit, and the two quickly began planning their wedding.

The couple has faced several issues during their time on the show so far, specifically involving Glorietta’s mother and the chemistry Alex still clearly has with his ex-girlfriend Juliana. Although Glorietta is clearly head-over-heels for Alex, we don’t believe the two will last in the end, not while Alex obviously still has feelings for his ex and is sneaking around behind Glorietta’s back to meet her.

Lizzy & Daniel

Daniel met Lizzy before he got locked up, while he was working the drive-through window of a BBQ restaurant. Although the two quickly hit it off, their time together was cut short after Daniel was arrested for possession of narcotics. The two remained together while he served his prison sentence but hadn’t been seen each other in person for nearly four years before the show premiered.

Lizzy and Daniel have already faced their fair share of issues before the cameras even started rolling, including the fact that Daniel refused to get clean while he was locked up. Lizzy often butts heads with Daniel’s mother, and the two have dealt with some unresolved issues regarding an ex, so the couple has a rocky road ahead of them if they are going to remain together. We don’t believe these two will last beyond the end of the season.

Andrea & Lamondre

Andrea met Lamondre through his cousin while Lamondre was still locked up. The reality star had been incarcerated for 13 years for drug trafficking when the two first met, but he still planned to marry Andrea after his release. Although Andrea is crazy about Lamondre, she’s had to deal with some pushback from her family, who don’t believe the two should be married.

Although the couple has dealt with some significant ups and downs throughout their time together, including the fact that Lamondre isn’t set to be released until 2026, the couple appears to be pretty solid and smitten with each other. Lamondre takes care of Andrea, and it doesn’t look like she has any intention of leaving him anytime soon. We believe the two will stick it out for a few more years.

Lacey & John

Lacey and John are former high school sweethearts who rekindled their relationship after several years of no contact. Shortly after reconnecting, John was sent to prison for possession of firearms, and despite the fact that he was locked up, Lacey accepted a proposal from John and the two started planning their wedding. However, Lacey is involved in a love triangle with another inmate named Shane, so there has definitely been some drama involving the trio this season.

Although Lacey and John were high school sweethearts, we don’t believe the two will last. They have already been involved with plenty of drama this season, and a clip shows Lacey slapping John in the face at one point, so it’s clear they have a pretty unhealthy relationship. Lacey has also been lying about Shane for the majority of her relationship with John, so we don’t see it lasting much longer. We predict that Lacey will choose Shane in the end, or leave them both.

Cheryl & Josh

Cheryl spent the first part of the season eagerly awaiting the release of her boyfriend Josh, who was sent to prison for bank robbery. Cheryl says his bank robbery charge is a “turn on,” and has been planning her nuptials while waiting for his release. The reality star spent $30,000 on her prison fiance since the two first connected as pen-pals.

Another couple dealing with pushback from family, Cheryl’s sister, who works as a correctional officer at a different prison, believes Cheryl is making a huge mistake marrying Josh. Although their relationship was hot and heavy early on, it looks like the couple has had a hard time adapting to a relationship on the outside since Josh was released, and Cheryl might have been involved in a cheating scandal while she was still with Josh. We don’t believe these two will stay together.

Vincent & Amber

Vincent and Amber met online after he wrote letters to several inmates with the hope of finding a connection. Vincent was immediately drawn to Amber, who he says responded with “positive energy.” Although Amber and her mother were both behind bars for drug trafficking, Vincent was smitten with his prison love and determined to marry her.

Vincent and Amber are one of the harder couples to predict this season … although it’s clear Vincent is crazy about Amber, she isn’t as easy to read. We aren’t sure if she is just using Vincent as a crutch to lean on following her release from prison, or if she really does reciprocates his feelings. Although Vincent is clearly head-over-heels for his prison beau, we don’t believe Amber feels the same way, so we predict they will break up before long. She has also been questioning her relationship with Vincent for a while, so it doesn’t bode well for their future.

Angela & Tony

Angela and Tony are Love After Lockup veterans, and have appeared on the first season of the show. After meeting through a Facebook page called Prison Inmate Penpals World International, Angela met Tony, who is over ten years her junior, and the two immediately hit it off. Angela fell for Tony because he was “hot and young,” according to WE tv, and Tony calls Angela his “cougar.”

Unfortunately, the reality stars have been facing some major obstacles in their relationship during recent episodes of the show. After Tony failed to report to his halfway house, a manhunt was launched and he ended up back behind bars. Although he claims he still loves her and wants her in his life, Angela is starting to question his motives and worries he is using her for money and support. We don’t think the couple will last much longer now that Tony is back in jail, and if they do, we hope Angela wises up soon and breaks up with him.

Who do you think will make it and find their “happily ever after” in the end, and who do you think will call it quits in the near future? Take our poll below!

Tune in tonight at 9/8c on WE tv to catch the newest episode of Love After Lockup to see how everything plays out for the reality couples. Also, don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for all of your Love After Lockup coverage and entertainment news!

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