LHHH: Jess Hilarious Spills on Apryl to Moniece

Jess Hilarious Apryl Jones LHHH


The drama continues on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood with the whole love triangle between Lil’ Fizz and his new girlfriend, Apryl Jones, and his baby mama, Moniece Slaughter, but it’s getting serious because the kids might be getting involved.

Apryl’s former best friend Jess Moore (aka comedian Jess Hilarious) outed some of Apryl’s supposed misdeeds in some voice notes to Moniece, which she played for several LHHH cast members (and us viewers, of course). And let’s just say they paint a less than flattering picture of Apryl.

One night [Apryl] was f*cking with ——. She was thirsty for this n**** too. She told Dreux, “He’s my prototype, this is who I wanna be with.” Fizz sittin’ there looking dumb as sh*t — ain’t sayin’ nothin.’ Why you puttin’ up with this sh*t? From one of your band member’s baby mothers, n****? You stupid, or nah? She got Dreux’s dumb ass tucked off… and he just there watching her kids and sh*t. Doing everything for her. F*** outta here, n****.

Jess Hilarious spills on Apryl


Moniece was shocked, but she told Micky Munday that she thinks she might have to file for full custody of Kamron, her son with Lil’ Fizz, because she doesn’t think Apryl is a good influence on Kamron. She’s super concerned at how worried he’s been since Apryl and Fizz got together.

Naturally, Apryl got wind of the voice notes Moniece played for everyone and she felt incredibly betrayed by her so-called friend Jess.

“When Moniece released those nasty voice notes, I just could not describe how angry and disgusted I was. … I’d rather not have any friends if this is what I’ll have to deal with. It’s making me feel like I can’t trust people,” says Apryl, as Jess herself walks up so the two of them can have it out.

Jess tells Apryl that those voice notes happened when she and Apryl had had a falling and didn’t speak for five months.

“So one day, Moniece called me and she’s like, ‘Hey, so what’s going on with [Apryl and Fizz]? And so she gets to ventin’ about you, I get to ventin’ about you,” says Jess, apologizing to Apryl because she never thought Moniece would share those voice notes with anyone.

“That b*tch is willing to do whatever,” says Apryl. “Moniece liiiiiives for the drama. … It is what it is, there ain’t no taking it back. And I do love you, but I need time to sit with it. I’m scared, I feel like I don’t want you to do this sh*t again to me? You gonna flip on me again?”

Jess says she isn’t going to flip on Apryl again, so maybe they can repair their friendship. But the drama between Moniece and Apryl is far from being repaired.

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