LHHH Season 6, Episode 15 Spoilers: Apryl Slams Moniece at Housewarming Party

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Apryl Jones Carter the Body


Two episodes ago on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Apryl Jones and Lil’ Fizz were forced to tell everyone about their relationship after Zell sold his pictures and video of them together to Jason and Jason put them online. Then last week, they decided since it’s all out in the open now, they might as well go all the way and move in together, even if Apryl is definitely not pregnant.

Now on Monday (Nov. 11), the two of them have a housewarming party where Apryl and Carter the Body set the record straight about their video that has resurfaced after Moniece talked about Apryl and Lil’ Fuzz on Jason Lee’s radio show, Hollywood Unlocked.

What happened was that Apryl posted a video online where she brags about all the guys she’s slept with and Moniece said that she knows a couple of guys who “hit [that] and were paying her bills,” implying that Apryl has sex with guys for money. But Moniece tells Hollywood Unlocked that she apologized to Apryl, even though she still believes that to be true.

Carter says Locked didn’t show everything, they edited the video to make it look like Apryl wasn’t joking around, like she wasn’t being sarcastic, but she was — the video on Hollywood Unlocked didn’t show the whole story.


“She gonna say and do whatever she wants to egg these people on just to f*ck with them,” says Carter. Apryl adds, “I said what I said, I did what I did and I don’t give a f*ck and I ain’t gonna apologize to nobody.”

Lil Fizz’s sister Brooke says she’s just excited that Apryl is in her brother’s life and they have to ignore the haters.

“I’m happy to be here. I love you so much and I’m very happy. I love you, Apryl,” says Brooke. “I appreciate the fact that he has someone else that supports him and loves him for who he is. They can talk all the sh*t they want and they don’t know what y’all have. So f*ck ’em, right?”

Love & Hip Hop: Hollwood airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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