Maggie’s Husband’s Death on the TV Show ‘FBI’

Bell and Zidan work to solve a case on CBS' FBI.

CBS Bell and Zidan work to solve a case on CBS' FBI.

The story of Maggie Bell’s husband played out during the first season of FBI. Throughout the season, viewers were teased with hints about Jason Bell, Maggie’s deceased husband, but those pieces were slow in coming. On one episode, Bell revealed to her colleagues the details of who he was and perceived information surrounding his death.

The Tragic Death of Jason Bell Became a Plot Twist During the First Season

At first, the story given to a colleague and viewers was one of complete sorrow without a bad guy to pin it on. Maggie revealed her deceased husband was a reporter who focused on investigative pieces for a New York based publication. The most important story he worked on exposed infraction concerning the financial industry. As she told it, Jason was totally into the job and always wanted to find the truth surrounding the headlines.

In a further moment of openness, Maggie goes into the fatal accident that took his life. She takes the blame as she talks about a late night of work. While delving into a organized crime case, the agent missed his call. Shortly after he tried to reach her, Jason died in a car accident. As a another car sped through a red light, he had no way to get out before the fatal hit occurred.

The truth of what happened to Maggie’s husband was much different than viewers were led to believe at first. What seemed like more of a character’s backstory turned into the plot itself as the season ended with a tense search for justice. Bell discovered her husband was murdered as he sought to put together an explosive story on money laundering. The final saw the avenging widow track down the woman that was not only responsible for his murder, but the murder of others. Far from a full closure, it gave the widow a chance to really begin the healing process.

Another Death Helps Maggie Connect With Another Widow

The season 2 episode “Codename:Ferdinand” brings back the the whole case as Maggie deals with something that hits close to home. The entire team starts looking at a mysterious car crash that took the life of photographer. Much like Jason’s death, this is far more than just an accident. Instead, they find clues that lead to another conclusion. The results of their investigation may implicate a surprising reason for the fatal event.

As they delve into the photographer’s life and what could have led to this moment, Maggie finds herself connecting with the victim’s wife. It’s a bond forged in the pain of their husband’s loses and the similarities that have tragically given them something to talk about. In the first season, it was difficult for Maggie to reveal the details of her husband’s death. Having someone with the same experiences may give the character a chance to open up about the devastating events.

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