Marc on ‘This Is Us’: Top Fan Theories

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Getty Austin Abrams as Marc on 'This Is Us'.

A few weeks ago, fans were introduced to teen Kate’s boyfriend, Marc, on This Is Us. And towards the end of the October 22 episode, Kate had a strange reaction to finding a Polaroid of then-boyfriend, Marc. When she showed the picture to her mother, Rebecca said, “I wanted to believe so badly you kids were happy, I didn’t see what was happening.” Kate’s reply? “I didn’t see it either.”

Immediately after that episode aired, Twitter and Reddit were ablaze with fan theories about Marc. What are the top fan theories about this season’s most mysterious addition to the cast?

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Most Fan Theories Revolve Around Sexual Assault

Most fans seem to think that Marc might have abused Kate in the past. On Instagram, one person wrote, “That Marc guy kind of looked like a potential abuser…and I have a feeling that’s what happened to Kate… ”

Others note how when Marc arrived uninvited on Kate’s doorstep, Kate wasn’t intending on introducing him to her family just yet. And some have picked up on how difficult it may be to watch this relationship to unravel. One user recently wrote, “It’s going to be really hard to watch the relationship between Marc and Kate unfold on #ThisIsUs. I’m already anxious about it.”

Astute viewers note how the 23-year-old is dating someone significantly younger than him. On Reddit, someone noted, “He’s 23 dating a 17-18-year-old. While not all age gaps are bad, Kate is already in a vulnerable state, doesn’t have much or any experience in relationships, and is much younger than him, which creates a huge power dynamic. Add to the fact she never gave him her address, and he decided to randomly show up, (which she called creepy before romantic). Kate said he was her friend, and instead of playing into that, he decided to tell everyone they were dating when she was hesitant. Kevin called him creepy, which seems like good foreshadowing.”

Fans have also picked up on the fact that Kevin doesn’t like Marc from the start, which could be indicative of something dark happening between the couple.

Marc May Have Died

Others are thinking that it’s possible Marc died. A few fans on Reddit wrote that they think Marc died from an overdose; they think Kate and Rebecca’s reaction to finding that old Polaroid of him was not so much remorseful as sad.

Cheat Sheet references one Reddit user who wrote, “Everyone is saying abuse with Marc. I got a totally different vibe. I assumed he died or overdosed from drugs. I’m curious to see what comes from their story.”

And many have suggested that Kate’s weight gain could be a result of her history with Marc. TV Insider writes, “There’s clearly a drastic change ahead for the character as she’ll face significant physical changes, and Mark could very well be a catalyst for this.”

The relationship has already suggested boundary issues and manipulation, which could give way to abuse down the road. But how will things pan out for the couple?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly,  executive producers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker shared, “Fans should have a healthy amount of concern… I mean, there’s something ominous looming there.”

But just what is looming under Marc’s surface? Be sure to tune into tonight’s episode of This Is Us airing on NBC at 9pm ET/PT to find out.

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