My Strange Addiction: Roundup of All Addictions Highlighted on Show

My Strange Addiction

TLC TLC is re-airing a few episodes of "My Strange Addiction" tonight. Here's a roundup of all of the strangest addictions highlighted on the show.

My Strange Addiction is making a brief comeback on Thursday, November 14 at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. The network is airing a handful of reruns this evening, so fans can binge old episodes of the series from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The series is centered around people who deal with unusual compulsive behaviors. “‘Strange’ doesn’t seem to adequately describe some of the addictive behaviors profiled on this series,” the TLC synopsis reads. “‘Dangerous,’ even ‘life-threatening,’ comes much closer. Each half-hour episode features two adults who resort to extreme compulsions in an effort to soothe their emotional demons.”

Obsessions on the show have ranged from relationships with inanimate objects and blowup pool floaties, to eating rocks and glass and sniffing dirty diapers. You can find a full list of the addictions TLC covered on the show below:

Season 1 Addictions:

  • a compulsive runner, an excessive tanner, a shopaholic, and a chalk eater
  • sleeping with a blowdryer running, eating toiler paper rolls
  • extreme bodybuilding, thumb sucking
  • eating household cleanser, tanning
  • ventriloquism and puppets, cats
  • eating detergent and soap, Strongman competitions
  • shoes (believes her shoes have feelings), pulling out hair and eating it
  • a full-body fur suit, eating couch cushions
  • life-sized blowup doll, picking scabs
  • cleaning compulsion, rock collecting
  • eating glass and live bullets, skin bleaching
  • makeup, cemeteries and death
  • taking laxatives, eating pottery and ashes

Season 2 Addictions:

  • growing fingernails, hairless cats
  • collecting shower drain hair, eating dry wall
  • being an adult baby (diapers and all), eating dryer sheets
  • sniffing gasoline, mothering 12 teddy bears
  • extreme cycling, dead animals and taxidermy
  • eating rocks, carrying childhood pillow
  • eating plastic, bathing in bleach
  • carrying husband’s urn everywhere

Season 3

  • sniffing baby powder, dating a car
  • eating cat food, smelling moth balls
  • drinking nail polish, picking ear wax
  • eating dirt, growing out toenails
  • sniffing pine cleaner, burying roadkill
  • drinking gasoline, smelling doll heads
  • drinking urine (just their own)

Season 4

  • coffee enemas, licking cats
  • inflatable pool toys, butt injections
  • growing hair out, bee stings
  • baby wipes, eating sand
  • eating deodorant, stuffed lamb doll
  • vapor rub, eating car tires
  • sexually attracted to balloons, eating face masks
  • drinking human and pig blood

Season 5

  • living like dolls
  • pony play, drinking paint
  • being a twin, eating mattresses
  • plastic surgery
  • chewing on dirty diapers, leeches
  • eating plastic bags, dolls
  • looking like Justin Beiber

Season 6

  • men pretending to be female dolls
  • eating bricks, marrying a carnival ride
  • looking like Pamela Anderson
  • drinking air freshener, having a long neck
  • body casting, psychics
  • dating grandmothers, looking like Madonna

The final episode of the show covered the top 10 weirdest addictions of the series. The show ended in 2015 and there has been no word of a renewal over the past few years, but TLC occasionally re-airs the episodes (like tonight) for former fans to enjoy.

The synopsis for the first episode airing tonight reads, “Forty-four-year-old twins Amy and Becky are addicted to being identical, looking alike, acting alike, and weighing their meals to stay the exact same size. Meanwhile, 26-year-old Jennifer has been addicted to eating mattresses for over 20 years.”

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST on TLC to catch My Strange Addiction and don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for more entertainment news and TV coverage.

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