Is P. F. Chang’s or Benihana Open For Thanksgiving 2019?

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The Thanksgiving holiday traditionally means hours spent preparing turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole while the extended family and their children catch up in the next room. If sushi or sesame chicken is more your style, slipping out of the house to catch a bite at Benihana or P.J. Chang’s is not an option today.

Both restaurants are closed for Thanksgiving. But both will reopen on Black Friday, so you can skip the leftover cranberry sauce and feast on fried rice instead if the mood strikes.

P.F. Chang’s Is Promoting a ‘Perfect Menu For Your Thanksgiving Holidays’ But the Website Is Referring to the Entire Weekend

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The front page on P.F. Chang’s website was a bit misleading about its plans for Thanksgiving. The left-hand side of the screen reads, “Gather and feast.” The headline underneath says that the restaurant chain has the “perfect menu for your Thanksgiving holidays.”

But this wording is referring to the entire holiday weekend in general. There is no special Thanksgiving Day menu included on the site. Clicking on this section merely brings up the page for making reservations.

The media contact for P.F. Chang’s Kelly Gould, confirmed to Heavy that nearly all of P.F. Chang’s more than 200 U.S. restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving. The only exceptions are P.F. Chang’s restaurants located inside of casinos.

P.F. Chang’s restaurants and catering services will reopen for Black Friday. If you’re planning on ordering a large post-Thanksgiving meal for the entire family, Gould says that P.F. Chang’s needs at least a two-hour lead time for all catering orders. Calling even earlier than that is recommended for larger orders.

You can find the nearest P.F. Chang’s by typing in your zipcode here. You can check out the menu here.

Benihana Observes the Thanksgiving Holiday & Is Also Closed

The day before Thanksgiving, Benihana alluded to the fact that families would have to cook their own meals today and would not be able to order sushi. The company posted to its corporate Facebook account, “Leave the cooking for tomorrow, treat yourself to Benihana delivery today.”

Benihana rarely closes its doors. The restaurant chain only closes during the following days each year: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Benihana will reopen for Black Friday, but specific locations may open at times different than customary. The Benihana National Corporation owns more than 100 restaurants. Find the location nearest you by typing in your zip code here.

Once the restaurant is back open, customers can take advantage of a promotional deal that Benihana is currently offering and check off a few gifts that can be placed in loved ones’ stockings. From now until December 31, customers will get a $10 promotional card with the purchase of $50 in gift cards. You can choose the design of the gift cards here. The promotional cards can be used from January 2 through March 31.

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