WATCH: Renault Clio’s Heartbreaking Lesbian Lovers Commercial Goes Viral

Renault Clio Renault Clio commercial

Renault Clio’s latest commercial celebrating a vehicle “30 years in the making” plays almost like an Oscar winning film, features a heartbreaking love story between two women that is leaving audiences in tears. However, the commercial is going viral for two very opposing reasons.

While some users online found the Clio ad to be a cinematic beauty, others referred to it as “rainbow capitalism” or “pink capitalism” – which is a term used for when a big corporation sells themselves as being LGBQT-friendly in order to increase the value of their brand.

Created by Publicis-Poke, some viewers online didn’t even realize they were watching a Renault Clio commercial until the very end. With a cover of Oasis’s “Wonderwall” playing in the background, the ad begins showing an English couple sending their red-headed daughter off on a trip to Europe, a French exchange, where she befriends a young brunette girl, and the two quickly become best friends.

They are shown playing on a swing, laughing while eating ice cream, completely inseparable. They say in touch via mail, and years later they meet up as teenagers, when share their first kiss, which quickly turns into a passionate make-out session in a Renault Clio.

When the father of the red-headed girl finds her love letters, he flips out and screams at his daughter, thus putting an end to the girls’ romance. Both women try to put their shamed romance behind them, and the red-headed girl plasters a smile on her face as her friend has a huge wedding and marries a man.

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The marriage breaks down, presumably because she’s secretly gay, and the brunette woman hops in her Renault Clio to to find her long lost love. The two women embrace as if no time has passed, and the commercial returns to a scene that seems incredibly similar to the opening moments, before the audience realize that the couple in the front seat are the kids we saw in the beginning, and the girl in the backseat, is their own daughter, and they driving in their Renault Clio to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

Adam Wood, Marketing Director at Renault UK said of their new ad, “Renault brings people’s passion for life a little closer through our cars. We wanted to humanize and celebrate, not just thirty years of progress of the Renault Clio, but also the progress made within culture, society and life in that time. The Renault Clio is as in tune with the times today as it always has been.”

Dave Monk, Executive Creative Director at Publicis-Poke added, “Many things have changed in those thirty years. While technology, design, attitudes and culture will always shift and change, one thing will always stay the same as long as humans have hearts. The love story. This is a simple and universal tale of two souls on their own enduring journey of life, love and passion.”

The Renault Clio Ad Draws Fiercely Mixed Reactions Online

David Mack, Deputy Director of Breaking News at Buzzfeed said after sharing the ad on his Twitter, “When i tell you i finally realised what i was watching that i SCREAMED…. welp capitalism has once again ended me. I can’t do anything else today. f***”

While comments on the thread, like the one from Fatima Jean who tweeted, “OMG another filmmaker forced to give up their dreams and become a slave to capitalism, other users online Mack meant he couldn’t do anything because he was so emotionally moved by the commercial. RJ Wright tweeted in response, “This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and should be a benchmark for future love stories. It inspires me to write better. Thank-you for sharing!”

While the Renault continued to trend online, it became clear that viewers either loved the commercial or hated it from being rainbow capitalism. It was dubbed, “possibly the greatest ad of the year,” to telling the new ad to “jump off a cliff” for “hijacking representation because you want to sell cars.”

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