Is Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 2 on or the App?

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 2

Adult Swim

A lot of Rick and Morty fans enjoyed watching the Season 4 premiere on for free last week. But will new episodes of Rick and Morty, including Season 4 Episode 2, be on or on the Adult Swim app? The new episode will be on both the website and the app live, but they won’t be available without a cable subscription. Scroll to the end of this story to see reliable live stream options that offer free trials to test the services.

Yes, the Episodes Will Be on Both the App & the Website, But They’ll Require Cable Log-Ins

Last week, Adult Swim allowed Rick and Morty fans to watch the Season 4 premiere for free, without a cable login, on and on the Adult Swim app. Leading up to the premiere, the episode was advertised as being freely available there.

What’s not quite clear is how long Adult Swim will still have the new episodes available for viewing without a cable log-in. Season 4 Episode 2 will be on and on the app tonight, but it wasn’t clear early on if it would be free. Adult Swim did not respond to Heavy’s question regarding this. We have since learned that NO, the new episode is not going to be streaming for free tonight on

We’ll explain below where to look for the live episode if you have a cable login. The last section of this story offers other livestream options.

There are three possible links on AdultSwim’s website for watching Rick and Morty.

First, there’s the simulcast page for possibly streaming the show. This page always needs a cable login to work and even then it might sometimes give you a “blocked” error message.

Then there’s the Rick and Morty Streams page at This page streams Rick and Morty episodes. This page currently has a note that reads: “New Rick and Morty on demand TONIGHT 3A ET – HOWEVER – cable log-in will be required. Plan accordingly.”

Here’s what the page looks like:

A third option is This is the one and only link where you might have been able to watch tonight’s episode without a cable login. Right now, you can still watch the first episode of Season 4 without a cable login. But as of time the new episode started on TV, the new episode was posted but it wasn’t free.

The mobile app is another possible option for streaming the episode. If you open the mobile app, the first thing you’ll be asked is if the app can connect to your cable provider. The simulcast option on the mobile app, just like on, always requires a cable log-in. So does the [AS] Stream option, which mentions that a new episode of Rick and Morty will be available on demand starting at 3 a.m. Eastern, but only for those with a cable log-in.

Your only option for viewing without cable can be found by going to Shows on the app’s menu, then clicking on Rick and Morty. Then you’ll see the following screen for Rick and Morty:

Adult Swim

The screen tells you that if there’s a lock sign next to an episode, that means you’ll need a login with your cable provider in order to access the episode. Season 4 Episode 1 is free, but many older episodes are not. Episode 2 of Season 4 is also not available without a cable login.

Note: if you’re outside the U.S. then you’re out of luck with both options. Viewers in other countries have reported that the app is blocked for them. (For example, a viewer in Greece said they couldn’t even find the app on the Google Play Store.) And doesn’t let them access any episodes from outside the U.S.

Adult Swim is historically unpredictable when it comes to both and its app streaming new episodes of the show for people who don’t have cable. That’s why it’s important to have a backup option ready if you’re really wanting to stream the show. Back during Season 3, after viewers had started to rely on for free access to new Rick and Morty episodes, the channel “surprised” viewers by showing Fishcenter Live instead of a new episode, without an explanation. And on another occasion, they had a claymation-type version of Rick and Morty on the stream instead of an actual new episode. So even if you can still watch without cable tonight, that option likely won’t last all season long.

So it’s best to have a backup ready. We’re sharing options below.

Live Stream Options if Adult Swim Isn’t Streaming the Episode for People Who Don’t Have Cable

You’ll want a backup option ready in case the episode isn’t available for people without cable on AdultSwim or their app. We have quite a few options for you to try. There’s AT&T TV Now and FuboTV, which both come with free trials to test the services. And if you have Hulu, you can live stream new Rick and Morty Season 4 episodes as they air or watch them later, but only if you have Hulu with Live TV, which costs more than regular Hulu and comes with 60-plus live TV channels, including Cartoon Network/Adult Swim.

We will update this story if new information is available.

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