‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Episode 2: Review of ‘Old Man & the Seat’

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The latest episode of Rick and Morty was another work of art. Although online reactions from fans were mixed, I thought the episode was incredible. It had a surprise twist at the end (two to be exact) that I absolutely loved. This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 2 of Rick and Morty, called Old Man and the Seat.

This episode of Rick and Morty might not have been as phenomenal as the first episode of the season, but it was still a great episode that I really enjoyed. There were plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, mixed with plot twists and some surprisingly deep moments I wasn’t expecting.

First, I loved the storyline with Glootie and the app. Jerry was typical Jerry as he ignored the warning clearly stamped on Glootie’s head and went full steam ahead with the app. (Who hasn’t known a friend or relative who would always click on those spam messages, no matter how many times they’re warned? Jerry and Glootie reminded me of that.)

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In the end, Jerry and Morty were able to prevail, but the more interesting storyline was how the app kept changing everyone’s love interests, keeping people distracted from the real-world issues. It was obviously a reflection of real-life and how we can stay so distracted by the latest apps on our phones or even the latest breaking news stories that we miss out on what’s really happening behind the scenes.

(Also, a nice touch was how Jerry had no soul mate according to his app and Beth’s soul mate was Ted Danson. But they both chose to ignore that and made the conscious choice to be together, which was pretty much the philosophy of love that the aliens believed in anyway.)

Even more intriguing to me was Rick’s toilet story. I mean, he pretty much did find the perfect place to use the restroom. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ve watched the episode and are familiar with looking at work for that secret bathroom in a corner of an office that no one goes to. Rick created the perfect “secret bathroom.” (I liked how Jerry, in contrast, didn’t mind using the bathroom wherever and having the world know.)

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Rick and Tony’s battle had some interesting twists and turns. Inside the Episode told us that the storyline focused on how isolated Rick is now and how twisted his approach to friendships has become. (Bird Person is gone, and Rick will do anything – even drug people – who try to reach out to him.) Rick keeps people at a distance, as he did with Tony.

We’re left with a question at the end: Was Rick sad about Tony’s death because he couldn’t play the ultimate prank on him, or did he really miss having that potential friendship with Tony? That’s left to the viewer to decide. I personally think that this wasn’t a Unity type of ending and Rick really was depressed because he made the greatest prank possible and couldn’t play it on anyone. But plenty of fans think that Rick was actually sad because he lost that connection and friendship, even if he was pushing Tony away.

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And let’s not forget that after-credits scene with Jerry. He took some of that concoction that Rick had made and experienced his own version of heaven: a place where he’s recognized for saving Earth’s water (even if he did originally bring that danger to Earth too). He might just be delivering water, but in this heaven, he’s respected. It seems that’s all Jerry really wants out of life: to have meaning and respect, even if he’s not doing something huge or exciting.

All in all, this was a great episode. It promises more wonderful moments to come in Season 4.

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