Who Is Hosting SNL Tonight? 11/23/2019

Will Ferrell attends a screening of Booksmart.

Getty Will Ferrell attends a screening of Booksmart.

It’s alumni night on SNL as Will Ferrell returns to 30 Rock. This time, he’s not a cast member , but the host. The actor can trace his success to the years spent on the comedy series. After becoming a part of more than one classic sketch, Ferrell moved on to film. He’s had hits ranging from Anchorman to Talledega Nights. Tonight’s musical guest is singer, songwriter King Princess.

Ferrell Brought Some of SNL’s Memorable Character to Life

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There’s no word on whether Ferrell plans on reprising some of his most famous characters. That hasn’t stopped the show’s social media team from sending out a few friendly reminders. As Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, Ferrell played the perfect straight man to Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery. The Celebrity Jeopardy sketches would also feature hosts, other cast members, and a few surprise appearances. Fans have also mentioned the cheerleaders Craig and Arianna in their requests for the night. The Spartan cheer duo never gave up on their team or making the audience laugh with every appearance.

When it comes to the famous cowbell sketch, Ferrell surprised Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon with co-star Christopher Walken’s reaction. On an episode promoting his return as SNL host, the actor spoke about Walken less than enthusiastic response to fans. In his best impersonation of the iconic star, Ferrell spoke about the conversation they had shortly after the sketch aired. “Here’s the crazy thing. I go to see Christopher Walken, years later, in a play. I say hello to him backstage and he’s like, ‘You know, you’ve ruined my life, People during curtain call bring cowbells and ring them. The other day, I went for Italian food lunch, and the waiter asked if I wanted more cowbell with my pasta bolognese.'”Ferrell said of the conversation. Whether Walken liked it or not, the sketch has become one of the most viewed and talked about sketches from the show.

Ferrell himself also has a podcast to promote, which may give viewers an appearance by Ron Burgundy. On the podcast, Ron Burgundy (played by Ferrell) goes over a range of topics with his assistant Carolina. From time to time, the San Diego based character has also been visited by celebrity guests from the world of entertainment, sports, and politics. He also did the show’s theme song, actually, a few of them. Even Burgundy’s ad breaks offer a hilarious commentary from the ’79s newsman.

King Princess Released Her First Full-Length Record Cheap Queen

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One of SNL’s hallmarks is introducing new talent to the world, especially musicians. King Princess is the first signee to Mark Ronson’s own Zelig Records. The singer and songwriter has definite opinions about how some critics are classifying her work. “People are trying to understand [queer music] as though it’s a subgenre within the music community, like people are setting out to make queer art. It’s like, ‘No, honey,’ ” Straus told NPR. The interview took a personal turn for the performer as she delved deeper into its roots. “When something is your identity, if you’re writing in a way that is authentic, then that identity is embedded within the music. There is no choice. There is no separation … you can’t remove that part of yourself. The Brooklyn native will be performing two songs tonight from the debut album. Some fans are hoping that Ronson himself can join in for an appearance on one or both songs.

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