Stranger Things Day: Netflix Reveals Season 3 Bloopers to Celebrate

Stranger Things

Netflix Stranger Things Day is here and Netflix finally dropped the season 3 bloopers reel to celebrate.

Stranger Things Day is here, and to celebrate, Netflix finally dropped the season 3 blooper reel for fans to enjoy. Today marks the anniversary of Will Byers’ disappearance on November 6, 1983, so Netflix officially dubbed November 6 “Stranger Things Day.”

Aside from the blooper reel (which you can check out below), Netflix also released an impressive new poster that included some of the most iconic scenes from the first three seasons, including the battle of Starcourt Mall, Eleven’s infamous van flip in season 1, the terrifying Demogorgon in all it’s toothy glory, and the Mind Flayer looming over the school just before it possessed Will in season 2. You can view the poster later on in this article.

Stranger Things Season 3 Bloopers | NetflixWe declare this the day FULL OF bloopers. Stranger Things Season 3 bloopers have arrived! (Pssst, this is the line David Harbour was talking about.) Watch Stranger Things, Only on Netflix: p.s. Stranger Things has a YouTube Channel. SUBSCRIBE HERE: And connect with us everywhere else: Like Stranger Things on FACEBOOK: Follow…2019-11-06T17:00:01.000Z

There are also a few restaurants celebrating Stranger Things Day, including Baskin Robins, who is bringing a “taste of Scoops Ahoy” to Stranger Things fans nationwide. “On Wednesday, November 6th the fan favorite USS Butterscotch ice cream flavor will return at participating Baskin-Robbins shops for a limited time while supplies last!” the website wrote.

The Netflix Account ‘See What’s Next’ Teased a Blooper Reel Last Week

The “See What’s Next” Twitter account, one of the many accounts run by Netflix, shared a blooper from the third season of Stranger Things on October 30 while teasing a surprise for fans of the show.

The site featured a clip of David Harbour (Hopper) struggling to get through a scene with Finn Wolfhard (Mike) and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven). “If you like this blooper from #StrangerThings Season 3 just wait until you see what @Stranger_Things has in store for you on November 6!” the caption read.

The Twitter account for the Stranger Things writers room had been talking about the season 3 blooper reel for several months, saying that it would unveil a blooper if it was followed by 500,000 people, so it should come as no surprise that the reel was released today. Although fans were likely hoping for some new information on the season 4 release, or even a clip of the upcoming season, the gag reel is fun too.

Fans Speculate That Season 4 Will Be Released Around Christmas, 2020

Although Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for season 4, fans have been speculating that the show will be released sometime in December, 2020. Season 2 took place over Halloween and season 3 premiered over the 4th of July, so many fans believe that the fourth season will also land on a holiday, most likely Christmas.

In an interview with Vulture in 2017, the Duffer brothers suggested that the show will end after four seasons, so season 4 might be the final season of the show. However, enthusiasm from fans, as well as from Netflix and the cast involved with the show might have convinced the showrunners to extend the series to five seasons.

“The truth is we’re definitely going four seasons and there’s very much the possibility of a fifth,” producer Shawn Levy told EW. “Beyond that, it becomes I think very unlikely.”

In the meantime, you can binge all three seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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