‘Survivor’ Spoilers 2019: What Happens on Season 39 Episode 7?

Survivor Season 39

Instagram The cast of 'Survivor' Season 39

There will be unprecedented events playing out on the latest episode of Survivor. During the teaser for tonight’s episode, host Jeff Probst warns viewers that they will see something they never have before. “[We’ve] never had a tribal like this,” he admits. “Ever.” Read on for key information regarding season 39 episode 7.

Going into tonight’s episode, there are seven members a piece for both the Lairo and Vokai tribes. It’s imperative that the tribes avoid tribal councils, as both will need as the maximum number of members to compete during challenges.

Host Jeff Probst Teases Something That Fans Have Never Seen Before

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This is not your typical tribal! ? #Survivor

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During the promo video, we see Lairo member Noura Salman try to create an all-girls alliance with Janet Carbin, Kellee Kim and Karishma Patel. “We are smart women. Let’s start having our own game,” she tells them. If successful, Salman’s gambit may prove to be a smart move. The Lairo tribe is already has a 4-3 shift towards women, so an alliance would help protect them as they head into the later stretches of the season. If it backfires, however, as similar attempts have in the past, than Salman risks being voted off for fear that she will try to pit various tribe members against each other.

Conversely, the men in the Lairo tribe are beginning to worry over their minority status. Dean Kowalski, Jack Nichting and Jamal Shipman will be discussing what they should do during tonight’s episode, and their exchange sounds curiously similar to what the women said. “Moving forward, we have to try to stick together,”Nichting insists. “I’m just completely mind-blown,” Kowalski adds, as he previously struggled to get the other men to agree with him. Then there is the matter of Jamal’s idol, which could cause some serious trouble for the women depending on how uses it.

Both the Men & Women of Vokai Will Attempt to Start an Alliance

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Vokai will be dealing with tensions of their own. After last week’s shocking turn-of-events that saw them lose their advantage and succumb to Elaine Stott’s block-a-vote tactics, some of the tribe members are hesitant to trust the whole. Tommy Sheehan and Aaron Meredith have a discussion where they realize “it’s time to lie, cheat, steal” to get the results they want. This will no doubt lead to some manipulation on their part, as they attempt to sway the rest of the tribe and avoid Stott’s agenda.

The promo for tonight’s episode also teases the involvement of Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine. These former champions have served as mentors throughout the season, but they have only had to deal with one castaway at a time, and none of them have revealed their involvement to the rest of the tribe. It remains to be seen how long Boston Rob and Sandra can keep their involvement a secret, but the promo shows them fist-bumping and arriving at a secret lookout bunker. “Let the show begin,” Boston Rob exclaims.

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