‘Survivor’ Spoilers & Elimination Predictions Tonight – 11/6/2019

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CBS "I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night" - Dean Kowalski on the Seventh episode of SURVIVOR: Island of Idols airing Wednesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In a preview for Wednesday’s (Nov. 6) episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols, the immunity challenge has three shooters rotating, trying to land coconuts in a basket. The basket will get heavy enough to drop and unlock puzzle pieces, then there will be a large, heavy puzzle to solve. In a second preview, it looks as though only two castaways work together to solve the puzzle. Then in a clip from Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst says ominously, “We’ve never had a tribal like this. Ever.”

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After 39 seasons, that is saying something. But what does it mean? Here are our best guesses and elimination predictions for season 39, episode 7, “I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night.”

Puzzles Can Spell Your Doom

In the quick shot of the puzzle part of the immunity challenge, we can see Lauren Beck and Elizabeth Beisel working on the puzzle for Vokai, while Jamal Shipman and what looks like Jack Nichting work on the puzzle for Lairo. So if we had to bet money on who was going to be eliminated, those four would be top of the list. Tribes love to punish someone who can’t figure out the puzzle in time to pull out a win.

Women vs Men

Over at Lairo, Noura Salman talks to Janet Carbin, Karishma Patel and later Kellee Kim about how they are “smart women” need to start “having [their] own game.” That could make things really interesting because Lairo is now 4-3 in favor of the women, so they could certainly create a voting bloc if they wanted to. But three of them were originally on the Vokai tribe — all except Karishma.

What if Karishma spills the beans about the women’s alliance to the only other original Lairo person, Dean Kowalski, and he tells Jamal and Jack? Remember, Jamal has an Idol, so that could really put a wrench in the women’s plans if he knows who they’re voting out.

Meanwhile, at Vokai, there’s a four-person alliance that blindsided Jason last week — Aaron Meredith, Missy Byrd, Elaine Stott, and Elizabeth. They too could keep a voting bloc going strong, especially if they smooth things over with Lauren, leaving Dan Spilo and Tommy Sheehan on the outs.

An Empire Falls, Rebellion Rises

Of course, these four-person voting blocs are all well and good… except that the description of the episode says that “an empire falls and a rebellion rises.”

We’re going to predict that the rebellion of which this speaks is actually the four women at Lairo uniting against the three men. Jamal and Jack are fairly popular and the women have to worry about Jamal having an Idol, so we’re going to say that the Lairo women vote out Dean.

The Remaining Castaways

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Elizabeth Beisel
Missy Byrd
Dean Kowalski
Aaron Meredith
Karishma Patel
Elaine Stott
Lauren Beck
Janet Carbin
Kellee Kim
Jack Nichting
Noura Salman
Tommy Sheehan
Jamal Shipman
Dan Spilo

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