Are TGI Friday’s & Ruby Tuesday Open on Thanksgiving 2019?

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Those looking to avoid cooking on Thanksgiving needn’t look further than TGI Friday’s. That’s right, the restaurant chain is open on Thanksgiving 2019, and will provide friends and family will a traditional Thanksgiving meal for an affordable price.

Nearly all TGI Friday’s restaurants are open on Thanksgiving 2019. However, it’s still a good idea to check whether your nearest location is following similar hours before heading there to get a turkey dinner or whatever your favorite holiday meal happens to be.

TGI Friday’s Will Be Open During Regular Business Hours on Thanksgiving 2019

You can check with your nearest location by going directly to the TGI Friday’s website, which has a function that allows you to search for individual restaurants by zip code, city or state. Hours can vary by location.

TGI Friday’s is open for most major holidays. Store Hours states that the franchise restaurant is open on New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, and of course, Thanksgiving. The only holidays in which the franchise closes are Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

TGI Friday’s Is Currently Offering an Endless Appetizers Special

TGI Friday’s is not offering any special Thanksgiving deals, but they are currently offering an Endless Appetizer deal. The deal allows you to choose from the restaurant’s endless appetizer menu and pick any refill you so choose. It only costs $12. Click here for additional details.

The first TGI Friday’s location was opened in New York in 1965. Allan Stillman, the franchise founder, used $5,000 of his own money and borrowed another $5,000 from his mother to purchase the location. It quickly took off, and today, there are over 870 TGI Friday’s locations in outside of the United States. TGI Friday’s can be found in Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Ecuador, Panama, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, and many other countries.

Ruby Tuesday Will Also Be Open for Business on Thanksgiving 2019

Those looking for alternatives to TGI Friday’s will be glad to know that Ruby Tuesday will also be open on Thanksgiving 2019. The franchise remains open all on all major holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day. As with most franchises, we suggest that you check the hours to your nearest location to make sure that it’s open before you head on down. You can click here to enter your address and determine the closest Ruby Tuesday location.

Ruby Tuesday is not offering any Thanksgiving discounts, but it is offering a Holiday Gift Card special to patrons. You receive a free $15 for every $50 in gift cards you buy. The offer stands until January 2020, and there is a possibility you may receive bonus gift cards if you provide your email address. Click here to register and to get more details on the Holiday Gift Card special.