Drinking Games for Thanksgiving 2019 to Play With Family & Friends

Thanksgiving Drinking Games

Getty Spectators watch the 91st Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thanksgiving 2019 is here, which means you’re probably spending the day with family or friends (or both!). Whether you are looking for a fun activity to play with your company or in need of a humorous way to get through the uncomfortable questions and talk of politics at the dinner table, there are a number of drinking games available specifically for the Thanksgiving holiday.

No matter your drink of choice or reason for wanting to make a drinking game part of your holiday tradition, here are some of the best drinking games we’ve found for you and yours to enjoy this year on Thanksgiving:

Back in 2013, Buzzfeed came up with a Thanksgiving-themed drinking game that will work just as well in 2019. The game includes rules such as taking a sip of your drink whenever someone refers to the turkey as either moist or dry, taking a sip whenever someone falls asleep immediately after dinner, and chugging your whole drinking when “someone asks a personal question you’d rather not answer.” For the game’s complete list of rules, click here.

Buzzfeed also created a Thanksgiving Bingo board which, while not technically a drinking game, could be turned into one if you take a sip whenever you fill in a space on your board. This printable game is a great option if there are younger people at your Thanksgiving dinner party, so they can participate in the game even though they can’t participate in the drinking.

Refinery 29 came up with some great, easy drinking games to play with your dinner guests. One of the games is called “Word of the Day.” They explain that, to play, “The group chooses a word of the day, and whenever someone is able to seamlessly work it into conversation, all other participants who overhear have to take a drink. However, if someone not in the game comments on the random word choice, the person who says the word takes a sip.” Since it’s Thanksgiving, we recommend choosing random words that fit in the holiday-theme. More drinking game ideas from Refinery 29 can be found here.

While it’s not officially a Thanksgiving drinking game, Country Living created a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game that is perfect for the holiday – and Hallmark will be airing their Christmas movies all day, so there will be plenty of opportunities to drink and play thanks to the network. Their game instructs you to take a sip for classic Hallmark movie staples like when “a character’s name is related to Christmas” or when “a magical deal is made with Santa or an angel.” If “it starts snowing on Christmas,” you are supposed to finish your drink, and if the main characters fall in love or “You spot Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, or Danice McKellar” you take a shot. For more rules to the Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game, click here.

The above games are only meant to be played with alcohol by those who are of legal drinking. Please drink responsibly. Happy Thanksgiving!

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