The Masked Singer Contestants: How Many Are Left? 11/20/2019

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The Masked Singer continues to dazzle audiences with its unique blend of musical performance and mysterious clues. There have already been several contestants who have been unmasked, but a handful of them remain. Which ones are left? And who have the best chance at winning the entire season? Here’s a rundown of which contestants and/or characters are left on The Masked Singer.

WARNING! Some major spoilers ahead: This article will explore previous episodes of The Masked Singer in detail and reveals character/celebrities who have already been unmasked, so turn back now if you’re not caught up.

‘The Masked Singer’ Has 8 Remaining Contestants on the Show

There are eight remaining contestants on The Masked Singer. A handful of them will perform during tonight’s episode, and the rest will be given an opportunity to perform at a later date. The list of remaining contestants have proven their worth as performers, as they have wowed the judges with their vocal talents and onstage charisma. The list includes:

  • Flower
  • Tree
  • Butterfly
  • Rottweiler
  • Flamingo
  • Thingamajig
  • Fox
  • Leopard

4 of the Remaining Contestants Will Perform During Tonight’s Episode

FOX has promised the “biggest surprise” of the season during tonight’s episode, as one of this week’s four costumed celebrities (Flamingo, Flower, Leopard or Rottweiler) will be unmasked. Tonight marks the fourth time each of these contestants has performed, and so far they’ve ranked among the most popular and critically praised of the bunch. That said, one of their streaks will come to an end tonight, and it promises to be a must-see event.

During tonight’s promo, Robin Thicke tells Rottweiler that his rendition of “Grenade” is “the best performance he’s seen all season.” The rest of the judges guessed a number of celebrities, including Gavin DeGraw, Darren Criss and James Franco, but given how positively Rottweiler’s performance is received, we assume that he will live to see another week. Jenny McCarthy can be seen telling the other judges that tonight will be the “hardest vote yet.”

Comedian Joel McHale Will Return as Tonight’s Guest Host

Tonight will also see the return of comedian Joel McHale as guest host. McHale served a s guest host during the first season, and he follows recent guest panelists Anthony Anderson and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in the eighth hour. McHale previously acted with Ken Jeong on the sitcom Community, so expect to see lots of banter between the two funnymen.

There have been several shocking reveals thus far, but the reveal from last week may have taken the cake. Ladybug had many assuming that she was from the United States, given her Southern accent and bubbly energy, but it was revealed that she was actually Kelly Osborne.

Kelly Osbourne Was Unmasked as the Ladybug During Last Week’s Episode

“I heard the first word come out of my mouth. I was like, ‘They’re going to know it’s me,’” Osbourne told host Nick Cannon. “And then this accent just came out and I had to do it the whole time and every single time inside this mask I’ve been dying laughing every time I have to speak.” Osborne later thanked the series and the fans for allowing her to perform.

“It was really hard living with this secret but it was me behind the #Ladybug mask! Sorry to all my friends I lied to and thank you to everyone @maskedsingerfox for this incredible experience,” she wrote on Twitter. “IDoAGoodSouthernAccent.”

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