Who Got Eliminated on ‘The Masked Singer’ Last Week? 11/20/2019

The Masked Singer Season 2 Cast


It’s coming down to the final masked singers, but first, another contestant had to be revealed. No one predicted the person under this mask, partly thanks to an accent that covered their tracks. The judges were left speechless as someone who grew up in front of TV cameras showed they were more than just the famous family name. Read on to find out what happened on last week’s all new episode of The Masked Singer.

Say Goodbye to an Osbourne

The Ladybug had her final performance of the competition with the 5 Seconds of Summer song “Youngblood”. While still masked, the singer admitted that her confidence and belief in herself was only expanding with each week on the series. As always, the contestant lived up the misdirection among the week’s clues. Of everything she said, the one that was both honest and a misdirection was the information about drama. More on that later.

First, the Ladybug has to get through that song. The judges, including guest Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, had some nice things to say about the song choice as well as her performance style. They were more concerned with who could be beneath that costume. Judge Ken Jeong was sure it had to be Lindsey Lohan. He was the only judge to favor that choice for the moment. Everyone else thought Jamie Lynn Spears and Ashlee Simpson might be the mystery contestant.

The night ended with the Ladybug being eliminated. Her elimination gave judges one more chance to get this right. Ken Jeong stayed with his initial choice of Lindsay Lohan. Robin Thicke agreed with Jeong that it had to be the actress. Guest judge Triumph was in agreement with Jeong and Thicke on their choices. Jenny McCarthy was wrong once again as she choose Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, as the competitor.

When the masked was taken off, everyone was surprised to see Kelly Osbourne. The personality had some experience singing and this was far from her first time before cameras. Of everything she did to fool judges and the audience, Osbourne was most worried about the faux accent she assumed. She expressed her worries afterwards about how it had went over with those who watched the series.

Several Popular Characters Are Left in the Competition

Viewers have come to like the Rottweiler, and he continues to live up to the hype which each new performance. Last week, he sang the Ed Sheeran song “Castle on the Hill” and Jenny McCarthy proudly proclaimed it as the best of the season. She wasn’t alone with the praise. In another clue, he revealed his path towards stardom was far from the normal.

The Fox returned with Bobby Brown’s hit song “Every Little Step”. The clue of a boombox got judge Kim Jeong looking at a boy band member not in NSync and Backstreet Boys. Instead, he’s looking at a member of Boyz II Men. The Flower wowed judges with the song “Amazed” but Ken Jeong is still sure it is Bjork. Other judges are leaning more towards soulful singers like Jennifer Holliday. For The Tree, a bowl of soup acted as the clue and led judges back to the TV cook route. She sang “No Excuses” but some are leaning towards a comedian or actress behind the mask.