‘The Masked Singer’ Top Guesses for Remaining Contestants 11/13/2019

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The Masked Singer, Fox’s popular new singing competition, airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c. With just seven episodes in, the mysterious singing contest is already heating up as viewers continue to guess which celebrities are disguised behind each of the remaining masks.

There are nine competitors still vying for the win as of last week: Leopard, Thingamajig, Flamingo, Butterfly, Fox, Ladybug, Flower, Rottweiler, and Tree are all still in the running. Speculation on who will be revealed is at an all-time high as more clues are divulged each week.

Heading into episode 8, these are the top guesses for the celebrity identity of each of the contestants:


A violin player, the White House, cameras and “Pose” were some of Leopard’s clues. Leopard speaks with a British accent and his item was a group of cameras. “I spent most of my life in front of the lens, but I prefer being behind the lens,” was one of many of Leapord’s quotes, and newspapers are a major theme of his clue packages.

Judges’ guesses: Billy Porter, Robbie Williams, Jamie Foxx, RuPaul, Neil Patrick Harris, Bobby Brown, Tyler Perry

Viewers’ guesses: Early speculation included Omarosa Manigault, Kim Kardashian, RuPaul and Seal.


Thingamajig’s item from home is an American Sign Language dictionary. “This book taught me to communicate with others,” was his clue regarding the book, and themes of magic are prevalent during his clue packages. He raps his clues and is taller than host Nick Cannon.

Judges’ guesses: Michael Strahan, Steph Curry, Dennis Rodman, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Montell Jordan, Tony Parker, Ronnie DeVoe

Viewers’ guesses: Wayne Brady and Victoria Oladipo (Oladipo’s sister is deaf, so the ASL book is a big connection).


Flamingo was “tickled pink” when she received an NAACP Image Award. A boombox, a pink belt and film reel are among the visual clues for her package. Flamingo also used the Spanish word “mira,” which means “look” and told the audience that she is “here to take control of my DESTINY.”

Judges’ guesses: Olivia Jade, Kandi Burruss, Tia Mowry, Ally Brooke, Adrienne Bailon, Fantasia, Pink

Viewers’ guesses: Adrienne Bailon Houghton and Fantasia are the most popular guesses so far.


Butterfly is “terrified of the one place” she used to call home, and her clues are heavily focused on London and church. She uses a Southern accent and has a butterfly tattoo. Her item was a forensics kit and she noted that she “once had the chance to choose life or death.”

Judges’ guesses: Cara Delevingne, Fantasia, Mel B, Diana Ross, Twiggy, Leona Lewis, Michelle Williams, Norah Jones

Viewers’ guesses: Michelle Williams is a top guess among viewers.


Fox has a fairy-tale themed clue package which heavily emphasizes bedtime stories and comic book strips. He says he has dabbled in many different genres and that he “grew up in a rough patch of the woods.” Fox helped design his own costume.

Judges’ guesses: Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Mackie, Tyrese Gibson, Jamie Foxx, AJ McLean, Ne-Yo

Viewers’ guesses: Jeremy Renner was an early guess, but most viewers believe he is Wayne Brady.


Ladybug was “born into limelight,” and had to keep track of “every piece of gossip and family feud.” Her clue packages focus on game show sets and family drama, and visual clues included a trophy with the words “Best Host” on it, as well as a lime, a cross, and a sparkling high heel shoe.

Judges’ guesses so far: Lily Collins, Lindsay Lohan, Willow Smith, Jamie Lynn Spears, Paris Jackson, Ashlee Simpson

Viewers’ guesses: Kelly Osbourne is a popular guess among fans right now.


Flower has done everything from “cooking to clothing to craft” and referenced an “empire” during her clue package. She has a soulful voice and says her favorite band is Kings of Leon. A bathtub with a French flag and the number 524 shown on a building are among her visual clues.

Judges’ guesses so far: Jessie J, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, Bjork, Shirley Bassey, Anita Baker

Viewers’ guesses: Mariah Carey was an early guess among viewers, while many agree with the judges and believe she is Patti LaBelle.


Tree plays the piano and loves getting dressed up, was a brand ambassador for food and has never performed in front of a live audience before The Masked Singer. Images of measuring cups and sugar, the White House and the number 30 outside of a storage unit are among her visual clues.

Judges’ guesses so far: Beverly D’Angelo, Zooey Deschanel, Rachael Ray, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Amy Sedaris, Padma Lakshmi

Viewers’ guesses: Anna Gasteyer and Brenda Lee are top guesses for Tree.


Rottweiler was bit by an actual Rottweiler when he was a kid, and drew a picture of himself with angel wings and a halo during his package. His heroes growing up were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men and visual clues include a record player, blue roses, a fantasy champion ring and a handful of sports trophies and ribbons.

Judges’ guesses so far: Russell Wilson, Brian Littrell, Nick Lachey, JC Chasez, Bruno Mars, Kevin Jonas, Patrick Monahan

Viewers’ guesses: Chris Daughtry is a popular guess among fans, due to the blue roses (Daughtry has blue roses tattooed on his arm).

Tune in Wednesday nights at 8/7c to catch the newest episode of The Masked Singer on Fox. In the meantime, check out this author’s profile for more entertainment news and TV coverage.

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