TI and Tiny Speak Out About “Hymen-Gate” on Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk

TI and Tiny join Jada Pinkett-Smith to talk about recent controversies.

Michael Becker TI and Tiny join Jada Pinkett-Smith to talk about recent controversies.

TI and his wife Tiny sat down with Jada Pinkett-Smith to talk about the recent controversy involving their daughter Deyjah. As part of Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch, the show gave viewers a glimpse of life away from the conversation. It started out with the couple being greeted by another famous family, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett- Smith. Will didn’t stay for the interview though, something TI regretted as he prepared to take on “opinions.” Smith wished the rapper good luck and let his wife get started on her popular talk show.

TI Cleared Up Rumors About the Hymen Check

TI was prepared as he took on what he called “hymen-gate.” He said that it was from a place of “embellishment” that some took as “literal” in their criticism. Speaking on his reputation as a father, he went on to say, “I honestly thought people knew me better than that.”

It was his chance to address what did and did not happen in terms of hymen checks. “Never said I was in any exam room. Never said it was being done present day,” the rapper said. Her mom was present every time.” Tiny did reveal this was when Deyjah was younger and TI later said that since she was 18 he had not intervened in these decisions. While some might have expected more apologies, TI only wanted to apologize to one person, his daughter. As to his silence after the controversy started, TI said it was under his daughter’s urging that he stayed quiet.

He Sought to Learn From Those at the Table

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The conversation also gave the rapper a chance to ask the women at the table about their thoughts on all of this. More specifically, he searched for what a father’s place is in current society. The host was quick to tell him that there was no problem protecting his daughter but the hymen part was a problem. For Pinkett-Smith, the experience was a “woman’s journey” that a mother helps to guide. The talk of controlling virginity brought a rebuttal from TI. He talked about an age and time where black women are disregarded. It was the boys who were trying to “defile and destroy” young women. For his part, the guest felt like there was no such thing over “over protective” in parenting. He stated that he was “here to protect children from themselves.” sense of self and discernment.

The issues that come along with losing virginity were one issue that the guests candidly explored. “I just know that is a big move and there are big things that follow,” TI said. “Awareness is my first line of defense.” At that point, the host stepped in to let him known that what he was expressing veered more towards “education” instead of control. It was also a concern of the rapper that his daughter “kept expectations low” about sexuality at a young age. He classified it as an “animalistic urge” not emotional or romantic. Young boys “defile and destroy” he again added.

The conversation turned to how TI viewed sexuality as it related to his daughter and son. For the rapper, the answer could not be clearer. “Childhood ends when you lose your virginity,”he added. When it came to his sons versus his daughter’s possible sexual activity, he saw it in terms of a house disturbed. An example of a son getting a girl pregnant versus his daughter being pregnant prompted him to point out her pregnancy would cause more disruption. Jada stated that with so much “social media and social justice” focused on the treatment of female bodies, this whole controversy was propelling a conversation. As Tiny later said of the pushback to his comments, “he found out how personal it is.” It seemed like the rapper was actively taking in what the three women at the table presented during the conversation. “Everything happens for a reason,” he said towards the end of their first segment.

Part 2 of the Talk Address the Couple’s Martial Problems

The show teased part two of the conversation. In what promises to be a tense conversation, the couple addresses their own martial issues. For TI, coming out of prison left a very different marriage. As the truth comes out, viewers learned that Will and Jada had their own problems that were closer to their guests than anyone knew.