Tim Horton’s on Veterans Day 2019

Tim Horton's location

Tim Horton\'s Tim Horton's has locations in the US and Canada.

Tim Horton’s locations throughout the United States are open on Veterans Day. The chain, known for their coffee and doughnuts, have planned a special offer for veterans as well as active-duty military personnel. Anyone with valid military I.D. or proof of service can get a small coffee for free. Additional terms and conditions may apply, so ask before making an order.

Rewards members with enough available points may be eligible for their own free drink regardless of a service background. The program is set up to give rewards with any in-store purchase or through the company’s app. In addition to coffee, rewards points cover baked goods and tea. Anyone with a rewards card should make sure the store is a participating location.

Winter Menu Selections

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Because Veterans Day coincides with the holiday season, Tim Horton’s winter menu is full of items that can only be purchased during the season. Peppermint mocha lattes and peppermint hot chocolates provide a hint of minty cheer. The special flavor is also available in an iced cappuccino version. For customers who want an alternative to coffee, the company has found a seasonal solution. Apple cider is a winter staple that keeps those cold days at bay. The addition of a supreme cider to the menu ups the flavor with more of everything the original is known for.

Special Deals

The Double Deals promotion is going on for the holidays. More than just baked goods, Tim Horton’s locations have breakfast and lunch items. This deal covers a range of breakfast sandwiches and wraps. For $3, customers can get two sausage, egg, and cheese wrap snackers. Wraps have become a popular choice among breakfast menus, so this choice takes care of a growing market. At the next price level, $4 buys two sausage, egg, and cheese English muffins. It’s a worthy competitor to the classic breakfast sandwiches already found at other major fast-food chains. The deal’s highest price is $5 for two bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits. The biscuit leaves off sausage, instead opting for the flavor of bacon to round out its recipe.

Outside of the breakfast sandwich deals, the chain is introducing items that use Canadian bacon. The bacon utilizes pork sirloin hips to achieve its one-of-a-kind flavor. Added curing brings out the rich texture and aroma that gives this type of meat its loyal following. Available in both English muffins and biscuits, this choice comes with fluffy eggs as well as melted cheese.

Hearty Soups

For a warming lunch or dinner, Tim Horton’s signature soups are made daily. Locations that feature the meal option have three available soups planned for Veterans Day. Broccoli cheddar soup brings together a creamy base with delicious vegetables. It’s packed with calcium to make this a healthy choice. Chili is a meaty selection that also features kidney beans and mushrooms. The blend also includes a few surprising ingredients like celery to bolster the robust flavor. Chicken noodle soup is a classic staple that features peas and carrots in addition to white meat.

Soups are not the only hot dishes on the menu. Hot bowls added extra items for customers who crave something more. Macaroni and cheese is the quintessential comfort food and the brand’s version is no different. Elbow noodles soaked in creamy cheeses make this a tasty addition.

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