Wegmans Hours on Thanksgiving 2019: Is it Open or Closed?

What grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving


Getting those last minute supplies can make a difference for cooks. While some might have their dinner early, others are waiting until later in the day to get their dinners served. Wegmans is staying open until 4pm to give customers a chance to buy whatever they need. The store will then open on Black Friday at 6am.

There are some exceptions to the opening times. The store’s Brooklyn location maintains the same Thanksgiving closing time but will open at 7am on Black Friday. Massachusetts’s laws state that some locations remain closed for the entire day and reopen at 6am on Black Friday. The locations impacted by this law include Northborough, Chestnut Hill, Burlington, Westwood, Medford and Natick. Other locations may be affected by the changes.

Online Ordering

This year, the grocery store chain gives shoppers more ways to get their holiday shopping done. The store offers online ordering and pickup on selected items. Options such as catering are not available on Thanksgiving and pre-orders for catering must be picked up before store closing. The pharmacy ordering option may not be available in every location. Instacart provides deliveries to selected areas. In some cases, the deliveries arrive in one hour or less. For quick family gifts, stores also sell gift cards for both their stores and other popular entertainment options.

Recipes and Meal Deals

More than just a grocery store, Wegmans also provides meals deals and recipes. Their website provides thousands of recipes with handy information such as serving sizes. Nutritional information is provided to give users the most comprehensive information. Those with dietary restrictions can find recipes that suit any changes, substitutions, or general ingredient choices. The recipes are a starting point, but the grocery store chain goes further by providing techniques and tips. It gives any reader the chance to up their cooking skill level while providing a meal that no one can resist.

Keep up with orders thanks to the my list feature. This online feature helps shoppers keep up with what they need to complete a dish or start from scratch. It’s easy to pull up on smartphones and tablets while in the store. The versatile selections gets rid of the hassles found with the classic pen and paper lists.


The stores have a variety of dining options. Some present a quick meal on the go as other provide delicious spirits at the bar. These choices vary by store and may not be operating on the same store hours. For restaurant details, call ahead to learn accurate operating dates and times. Market Cafe is the most commonly found dining choice with both hot and cold meals available for takeout. Bars present light snacks that are perfect appetizers.

Select locations also offer special eatery choices that focus on specific cuisines and food choices. Next Door by Wegmans is one of those special eatery options that can only be found at one location. The company describes its menu as “all-natural, sustainable and organic ingredients from our store.” Selected meals are chosen by chefs that look at the grocery store’s current selections and freshest offerings.