Who Is Hosting SNL Tonight? 11/2/2019

Kristen Stewart attends Noir et Blanc de Chanel in Paris.

Getty Kristen Stewart attends Noir et Blanc de Chanel in Paris.

Kristen Stewart is hosting tonight’s all-new episode of SNL. The actress is appearing on the show to promote her movie Charlie’s Angeles. The film, directed by Elizabeth Banks, puts Stewart in one of the leading roles in a reboot of the franchise. Expect the host to get at least one mention of the movie in during the night.

For some viewers, the actress may be only known for her work in the Twilight franchise. Stewart actually has gone well beyond that label with work in commercial campaigns as well as films. Her performances in Clouds of Sils Maria, Personal Shopper, and Equals have helped her build a stellar reputation among the indie film community.

Stewart Has Hosted the Show Only Once Before This Episode

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In 2017, the actress hosted for the first time. The musical guest for the episode was singer Alessia Cara. At the time, Stewart experienced a new level of exposure in her career thanks to several critically acclaimed roles. The success also saw more attention focused on her private life. In a surprising moment, she used the monologue to address what many already knew. The actress confirmed she was gay, although Stewart would later say that she was bisexual.

In the same monologue, she delivered what was arguably one of the night’s most memorable moments by ending with a certain expletive. The use of the dreaded f-word may have seemed rebellious, but it also caught the attention of censors. Viewers scrambled for their DVRs to make sure they actually heard it. The actress later said “I felt so bad about it. I just came offstage apologizing profusely and being like, ‘I’m so sorry, that’s not something I thought was going to happen,'” in response to questions about the slip.

Reviews were mixed at the time for her appearance. The AV Club wrote of her performance, “Stewart was not a comfortable SNL host. She was most at ease as Gisele Bündchen in the “Patriots vs. Falcons fans” Family Feud, but most of the time, Stewart was awkward and uncertain, which killed the timing of her live sketches.” Indiewire had a different perspective on the episode. “This is the type of episode that can restore hope for “SNL”: A surprisingly charming host, guest stars, and an unfettered political take that runs through the entire episode,” the reviewer wrote.

Coldplay Are Tonight’s Musical Guest

Coldplay returns to SNL for their sixth turn as the musical guest. The British band, led by Chris Martin, is currently promoting a new album titled Everyday Life. This double album has already produced two singles. While the band might throw in one of their previous hits, it’s a good chance that both “Orphans” and “Arabesque” will be played tonight.

One of their previous appearances came as public attention was turned towards lead singer Chris Martin’s divorce from wife Gwenyth Paltrow. The band performed songs from the album Ghost Stories that dealt with Martin’s feelings at the time. “Magic” would become a hit single for them and the first song performed the night of their appearance in 2014. They would follow up with the song “A Sky Full of Stars” to highlight a more upbeat tone. it was written with the now-deceased EDM star Avicii.

The band has also been known to make appearances in the sketches. Previous appearances included Martin joining in with Garth and Kat for Thanksgiving inspired humor. More notable was a sketch where Coldplay’s lead singer filled in for Emma Stone in a kiss with then Spiderman star Andrew Garfield.


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