Adore Delano on ‘Ex on the Beach’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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American drag queen Daniel Noriega, better known by the stage name Adore Delano, will appear on this season of Ex on the Beach. Delano made it to the final three on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and also competed on the seventh season of American Idol.

The new season of the reality series is titled Peak of Love, and will relocate to a cabin in New Zealand. It will feature an exciting cast that also includes trans Glam Masters’ star La Demi Martinez.

Here’s what you need to know about Delano:

1. Delano Finished 2nd on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6

While Delano is well-known for putting on the sass when responding to Simon Cowell on Season 7 of American Idol, she is perhaps better known for finishing second on Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and appearing on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars.

Asked by EW how her experience on Ex on the Beach compares to being on Drag Race, Delano responded, “It’s totally different. We weren’t living with each other on Drag Race. This season, we’re literally sleeping in each other’s beds.”

She continued, “It felt like we were family by like the fifth day. We were spending every second with each other. Drag Race, you go back to your hotel, you come in and work, and then you do the challenge, blah blah. This is more like a living situation and it’s harder on the psyche because I’m not used to sharing my emotions when it comes to love except if it’s in a song. But this is showing how I date and some of the faults I have. It shook me. It was like, ‘Girl, you really need to grow up, real quick. These are your problems laid out in front of the world.'”

2. Delano Promises This Season Is ‘Going to Be Nuts’

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Delano shares that this season is “going to be nuts.”

She adds that there are a lot of big personalities in the house, and things get dramatic quickly. She tells EW, “I have a problem when people try to assert their dominance so you’ll definitely see that for sure. I stand my ground and I throw my extensions up in a bun real quick. A few times.”

In a preview for this season, Delano shares, “I’ve been looking for fucks to give since 2014. Still searching at the bottom of my fake Louis Vuitton purse.” She goes on to say that the best case is to fall in love, while the worst case is to get into a fight.

3. She Watched All Previous Seasons of the Show

After Delano was told she’d be appearing on this season of the series, she explained to EW that she watched every single episode on iTunes. She even watched the UK version. She tells EW, “I was so hip to it because I was just so nervous. You have to, you know? You have to know what you’re walking into — so you can start swinging before they do.”

Asked if she knew which of her exes was going to appear on the show, Delano responded, “I did not know who was going to show up. They do ask about your dating history and stuff but you don’t know who is going to be walking through those doors. You have an idea because… I’ve been around the world but not like that, you know what I mean? But there were a couple people I was afraid would come. [Laughs] Yeah. But the twists were very twisty!”

4. She Has Released Three Studio Albums

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To date, Delano has released three studio albums: “Till Death Do Us Party”, “After Party”, and “Whatever”. The latter was released in 2017.

In a recent interview with Alt Press, Delano said of her musical journey, “I realized I’d been happiest in high school, in a band making trashy, awful music. It sounded like shit back then, but I had so much fun… So I started sitting there with my bandmates, making dumbass music that made no sense, and I decided to fly out to Arizona to record with Nathan [Morrow, producer], and I just sat and wrote. It was so organic and so fun and it was like, ‘There you go. No one else is doing this. They can say it sounds like shit all they want, but I don’t sound like anybody else! Whatever!’”

She explained of releasing her most recent album, Whatever, that the process was difficult. “The headspace I was in was dark,” she explains. “I wanted to die some days, and at times I didn’t eat for three days straight.”

These days, Delano is busy touring with her band, which includes a bassist, guitarist, and drummer.

5. This Season Takes Place in Queenstown

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This season, Delano will be traveling to Queenstown, New Zealand, to fulfill her Ex on the Beach experience.

Along with Delano, the show will feature celebs including “Love Island’s” Georgia Steel, “Glam Masters”‘ La Dem Martinez, “The Bachelorette’s” Daniel Maguire, “Are You the One’s” Tyranny Todd, “Ibiza Weekender’s” Callum Izzard, “American Idol’s” Ryan Gallagher, “The Real World’s” Marlon Williams, “The Challenge’s” Nicole Zanatta, and “The Naked Brothers Band’s” Allie DiMeco.

Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love will premiere December 5 at 9pm ET/PT on MTV.

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