Alaskan Bush People Cast 2019 Updates & Spoilers

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 Cast

Discovery Channel The Brown Family.

Alaskan Bush People returns tonight, December 4, 2019, for an all new season of the wild and dangerous adventures of the Brown family. Season 11 premieres on Discovery at 8 p.m. ET, according to the Discovery website, and will continuing airing Wednesday nights at the same time.

The new season will see the Brown family take on new challenges and adventures while building their new, self-sustaining village and preparing for the arrival of several new babies. The Brown family has had to make adjustments after dealing with a sudden baby boom; Raiven and Bear are expecting a child this coming year and Gabe and Raquell are expecting the birth of their son any day now, according to Pop Culture. Noah and Rhain also welcomed son Elijah in January, adding yet another new face to the mix.

So who is all returning for Season 11 of Alaskan Bush People? Here’s what we know about the new season of the show, including cast spoilers and episode descriptions:

The First Two Episodes Involve an Old Windmill, a Bear & Three Ostriches

The Discovery Channel press release for the new season reads, “The Wolfpack welcomes new additions and new challenges in a brand new season of Alaskan Bush People, premiering Wednesday, December 4. The Brown family will tackle new challenges like never before and every member of the Wolfpack must make valuable contributions to the homestead in order for the family to survive and thrive on the mountain.”

The synopsis for episode 1, titled “Wind and Water,” reads, “The Brown family kicks off their most ambitious plan to conquer the mountain yet. Bear and the siblings throw caution to the wind on a critical first project disassembling and transporting a salvaged 50-foot windmill.”

The synopsis for episode 2, titled “Bears of a Father,” reads, “When a hungry bear breaks into Noah’s tent and spooks the livestock, the Browns suspect it is being attracted by the ranch’s new arrivals, three young ostriches. Later, the windmill assembly takes the siblings to dangerous new heights.” The episode airs next Wednesday, December 11 at 8 p.m. ET.

Season 11 Will Feature Several Returning Cast Members

The new season of the show will feature several familiar faces, including the patriarch and matriarch of the Brown clan, Billy and Ami, as well as their children, Gabe and Noah. Noah’s wife Rhain Alisha and their child Elijah will also make an appearance alongside Gabe, Raquell and their (soon-to-be) newborn baby. Bam, Bird and Bear also star on Season 11, according to Meaww.

Bear Brown’s pregnant ex-girlfriend, Raiven Adams, also announced that she’ll be making her arrival on the long-running reality series, according to Pop Culture. Fans will likely get a chance to meet Bear’s unborn baby in the near future, once he makes his arrival into the world. However, the baby isn’t due until April, 2020, so we don’t expect an appearance this season.

Tune in Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST to catch new episodes of Alaskan Bush People. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for more entertainment news and TV coverage.

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