‘Alaskan Bush People’: Where Is North Star Ranch?

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This season of Alaskan Bush People shows the Brown family settling into their new lives at North Star Ranch. They relocated from Alaska to the wilderness of Washington state, where North Star Ranch is located, earlier this year.

Ami and Billy Brown’s children– Matt, Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Bird, and Rain– were all born and raised in their former Alaskan home, otherwise known as “Browntown”. But in light of Ami’s cancer battle, the family moved to a 435-acre property in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

The Browns’ Made the Decision to Relocate Because of Ami’s Cancer

Although Ami is now in remission, her cancer was what caused the Browns to decide to leave their Alaskan outpost for Washington.

Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer, and give a 3% chance of survival, in the spring of 2017. Washington state made sense for the Browns, as Ami and Billy (as of February) were traveling back and forth to UCLA every three months for her check-ups. In December of last year, it was revealed that Ami’s cancer was gone.

In November, The Inquisitr reported that the Browns put “Browntown” for sale on Zillow. The 29.11 acres of land asked a price of $795,000.

As InTouch Weekly points out, “Browntown” is not a town but the name of the area in Hoonah, Alaska, where the family lived off the grid. The article writes, “Browntown consisted of a series of homes that the Brown family built themselves using materials that could easily be found in the Alaskan bush. There was a main house, Matt’s hut and an outdoor living room, Bam’s home, and Bear’s tree house on the campsite.”

The Brown family has adapted to life in Washington well. Ami and Billy tell People that Ami’s favorite thing to do on North Star Ranch is ride the tractor that Billy gave her for her birthday. Billy tells the outlet, “How many people can get their wife a little tractor and she’s tickled to death with it?” Ami responds, “It’s pretty cool. And I might have me an orchard for the grandbabies.”

This Isn’t the First Time They Have Considered Washington

After Bill and Ami wed in 1979, they considered living in northern Washington.

Billy tells the outlet, “We fell in love with the whole area.” And as of February, they haven’t even seen all that North Star Ranch has to offer, “Every week there’d be more revealed” says Billy. “We’d be like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s ours.’ We started realizing just what God really gave us. There’s still pieces [of North Star] that, on purpose, we haven’t gone and seen yet so we can explore it later when Ami feels better.”

What’s their goal with North Star Ranch? As a Discovery press release points out, the Browns are working towards creating a fully self-contained village. The outlet writes, “With more mouths to feed than ever before and depleted resources, the Wolfpack is forced to create a much more self-sustainable mountain, with power and water connecting each individual dwellings.”

They add on of the season, “The Brown family will tackle new challenges like never before and every member of the Wolfpack must make valuable contributions to the homestead in order for the family to survive and thrive on the mountain.”

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on The Discovery Channel.

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